The Recovery Story Of Chuck Jeannette

It was summer of 2020 , life was going as great as it could go . It was nearing myself , my wife and my daughter’s birthday . Her 2nd birthday (yes we all 3 have the same birthday) ????
Literally life couldn’t get any better than it was going . I was a strong energetic husband and father , living in the place of my dreams with the woman of my dreams , my beautiful little daughter and we were downright enjoying life ! Then as the summer neared its end into the last week of September of 2020 I caught a NASTY sinus infection . I got sinus infections from time to time throughout my life and even had surgery years ago on my sinuses . Typically when I get a sinus infection I just let it run its course or at worse I go to the supermarket and get a decongestant. However this sinus infection was literally like the ULTIMATE sinus infection . Like mentioned earlier I am not a medicine guy but being it was birthday week I wanted to feel good for our birthday . So I went to the doctor (BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER) While at my doctor he checked my face and nose and his response was you’re very swollen . But he said don’t worry we’re gonna knock it out . He then prescribed me an antibiotic named “CIPROFLOXACIN” before I get into the full blown story just know I was not warned of the MULTIPLE black box warnings on the antibiotic . I wasn’t warned by the doctor or the pharmacist .
I went to get the prescription filled with no worries at all as I have taken Antibiotics my entire life and never had any issues besides diarrhea while on them . While on Ciprofloxacin I felt what I considered basic side effects , which were Diarrhea , sensitivity to light (which I didn’t feel was so basic but not enough to stop the antibiotic) and I had a VERY unusual fatigue . Like this was literally a different kind of fatigue I never experienced before. I remember being at the park with my wife and daughter and telling my wife I feel like I can fall asleep right here on the floor if I laid down . As I finished the first course of antibiotics my sinus infection was gone but I had now developed rapid breathing and some bad stomach issues . I then followed up with my doctor and I told him the sinus infection is gone but now I got some breathing issue going on along with a stomach issue . His reply was …. The infection is not out of your body yet . It moved down into your lungs and your stomach . He then said don’t worry we’ll knock it out . He then signed me another prescription for Ciprofloxacin . This time again I was not warned by him neither was I warned by the pharmacist . I filled the scrip took it as prescribed and once again while on it I felt the same side effects as I did the first time while on it . However this time when taking the last pill some VERY ODD things began to happen and it only got worse from there on . After the last pill I woke up one morning with severe lockjaw . It was so bad I had to go to the hospital. At the hospital they told me this was TMJ and just to ice it and take something over the counter for the pain.
I went home did my best I could to relax all while dealing with a different kind of fatigue that I’ve never experienced before on any level . The following night while sleeping I woke up with a TERRYFYING experience where my eye sight went completely out on me and my eyes criss crossed on me . My eye sight was out for atleast 30 seconds . My wife asked me what was wrong as I was in a paranoid state . I then told her. After this terryfying incident I managed to go back to sleep and try to relax . That morning when waking up I had so much anxiety that I told my wife I was going to do a workout to let off some tension . Being I was a former boxer I did some shadow boxing to let off some tension . After the workout something very odd happened . Both my arms from the shoulders down went numb and fingers on both hands were tingling . My wife saw me acting odd checking my arms and asked me if I was ok . I told her both my arms are like numb from the shoulder down and fingers are tingling . My wife replied saying maybe you strained something working out . I told her couldn’t be I was only shadow boxing. For those that don’t know what shadow boxing is it’s (Throwing punches at air)

My wife said just try an relax which I tried to do . I went on with the day with this annoying feeling in my arms and fingers not knowing what was awaiting me this night coming. After the day was done and I went to sleep I woke up to the worse of the worse of this Ciprofloxacin experience. In the middle of the night that night I woke out of my sleep shaking uncontrollably . Shaking so bad I cracked two teeth in my mouth . I was sweating uncontrollably and my heart felt like I just finished running a sprint . In addition to this my arm’s were not only numb now but both my legs as well . And as if that wasn’t bad enough my mouth , tounge , lips and face were all numb as well . And I had this HORRIBLE metallic taste in my mouth as if I drank some type of chemical or something .
I immediately thought I was having a stroke . The only thing that stopped me from thinking it was a stroke was the metallic taste in my mouth which isn’t heard of in stroke symptoms . I then told my wife I gotta go to the hospital immediately . When at the hospital every test imaginable was ran on me . Ekg , CT scan of my brain , bloodwork as well . Everything came back normal except my blood pressure . Blood pressure was at 189/118 !!! Just a reminder I was only at my follow up doctor visit a week ago and blood pressure was 122/80 at my visit . They told me all tests were normal and it sounds like I was having a panic attack. Something I don’t even know what is because I never experienced one in my life . They offered me a Xanax and a Lisinopril for my blood pressure . I took the lisinopril but declined the Xanax as I never taken any pill ever like that before. While they were giving me the lisinopril which I only took due to fear of how high my blood pressure was . There were two doctors in the room one male and one female . The female doctor asked me have I been on any new medication as of lately and I told her only a antibiotic I just finished . She asked me the name and I told her Ciprofloxacin . She then responded with “that’s a very strong antibiotic” the male doctor then talked over her saying …. It’s not from that . And as crazy as this might sound I believed him . Never in a million years would I think an antibiotic could do to me what was going on with me . I was then sent home that night only to return to the hospital countless of times in the months to follow due to lots of the symptoms mentioned above . Each time to just be told over and over that all was normal .
As the months went on , the numbing continued along with the metallic taste in my mouth . New symptoms then arrived . Total loss of appetite . I was going 6 days straight not eating and could careless if that went on longer . I was throwing up blood every other day along with pooping blood as well . Legs were just getting worse and worse by the day . At this point I was for sure I was headed to a wheelchair . As my wife would have to help me walk just from the bedroom to the bathroom on a nightly basis. I then developed a paranoid feeling to be alone . I didn’t even want to use the bathroom by myself , when I showered I wanted my wife to stand in the bathroom until I was done . Before all of this I’ve never suffered any mental health issues in my life ever . This went on for months . Into the third month which was January of 2020 as I was deteriorating at an alarming rate. Me and my wife tried and tried to figure out what we did different around the time I got sick . My wife finally came to the conclusion that the only thing I did different that month and that exact week was take a antibiotic . Which we both said but that definitely can’t be the cause . In the meantime I wasn’t telling my wife but all that was floating in the back of my mind was I bet I have Cancer . My wife said it doesn’t hurt to look up the antibiotic you took . That went in one ear and out the other . But later on that night while lying down in my misery I said what the hell let me look it up . When I looked it up MY HEART LITERALLY DROPPED ! I WAS FLOXED AKA POISONED !!!
This led me to go back to my doctor and I told him why the hell would you prescribe me this ?!?! I’m not going to insert in here everything I said to and with him because that’s an article in itself . From this doctor visit this led to a journey of visits to specialist after specialist that conducted test after test . Those tests are …..
Cardiologist= Two echocardiograms , one regular one and one where you run on the treadmill and then lay on the table after and have the ultrasound done while your heart rate is elevated . Then I had an ultrasound leg Doppler that checked the bloodflow and arteries in both my legs , and I had a cartoid artery ultrasound Doppler . Each of these tests came back normal .
Neurologist= MRI of my brain , neck and lower back , EMG nerve conduction study and an MRA of my brain . Each one of these tests came back normal except my lower back MRI which said I have mild stenosis . Which my neurologist assured me 110% my symptoms wasn’t coming from the mild stenosis .
Vein Specialist= Ultrasound Doppler of the veins in my legs to make sure the blood was flowing properly . This test came back normal .

I was now left in a world of confusion with everyone telling me I was fine however I was deteriorating by the day . My legs were getting worse and worse and I had no idea what to do . All I could do was research my ass off trying to see how people healed from this damage which is called Flouroquinolone Toxicity ! I then met a good friend online who was Floxed at a young age from the same antibiotic and just about the same amount of pills I took as well . This young man was a LIFE SAVER TOO ME ! He told me to get a good multivitamin right away and a probiotic . Me and him talked countless hours a day and I just felt the need to listen to him even tho every floxies healing approach is different I didn’t know why I trusted him so much I just did . The journey of supplements from there on out is too much to mention here and if anyone wants to know which ones I took and which I feel helped or didn’t just drop me a comment and we can talk from there . Some I feel worked , some I feel were a waste of money . I spent countless of hours on the website Floxiehope reading healing testimonials which I prayed was going to be me one day . By the way yes it’s true you feel like you’re never going to heal when you’re going through this . It feels like there’s no chance and that the person you once were is gone forever so if you’re feeling like this now while reading this YES I FELT LIKE THIS BEFORE !
It does get better believe it or not . Whether that’s with time or supplements or both I’m not the person to ask that but all I know is it gets better . If there’s any advice I can give is to first and foremost look up how to detox flouride from your body because flouride is what damaged you from the Flouroquinolone . Do this and this first before you blow any money on any supplements , treatments or healing doctors . If this doesn’t work then I plead with you DO NOT TRY TO BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR !!! It is enough dealing with Flouroquinolone toxicity symptoms alone let alone now playing the role of a full on scientist / biochemist. My best advice to you is if doing all you can to detox flouride does not work then SEARCH FOR SOMEONE WHO SPECIALIZES IN FLOUROQUINOLONE TOXICITY !!! And the only reason I say this is … If you had a computer to get fixed you wouldn’t take it to an auto mechanic to get fixed right ? My point exactly . And I know what many are going to say and that is “well Flouroquinolone toxicity treatment is way too expensive”. For the price you are going to pay in time and supplements you just might as well pay someone who knows about this shit . Now , am I healed from Flouroquinolone toxicity ? Absolutely not ! Don’t ask me numbers percentage because I don’t believe in that all I know is I’m better than what I was in the beginning . Will I heal 100% and be the person I was before ? I cannot answer that because I am not God the Creator . Am I going to do my best to be normal again ? ABSOLUTELY ! I’m 9 months in now and gotten somewhat better. What I’m left with on a daily basis is still numb and heavy legs that sort of feel like they’re losing coordination sometimes . As weird as that might sound I know . And I deal with daily cognitive issues , lightheadedness / confusion . Kinda like I have a concussion every now and then if that makes any sense . Thing’s do get better . Hang in there , surround yourself with positive people . I’m not gonna tell you to stay off blogs even tho hundreds of people will tell you this to stay off blogs . Oddly going to them helped but as I felt better I stood off of them to avoid anxiety and PTSD . Stay busy let me say this again STAY BUSY !!!! I’LL EVEN SAY IT AGAIN STAY BUSY !!!! Staying busy has helped me immensely ! It kept my mind off of things . I am now playing with my daughter again minimally , exercising minimally , doing more fun things minimally . I have good and bad days but I do feel I will heal . And take care of your body to your best ability and I feel you will heal too . We are WARRIORS !!! Comment and I will respond to all and everyone. That’s my word . Much love to you all now let’s kick Flouroquinolones ass !

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