After years of multiple people writing, tweeting, and otherwise advocating for fluoroquinolone toxicity to be featured on the show, The Doctors, it finally happened. Whoo hoo!

In the April 2020 episode of The Doctors that goes over fluoroquinolone toxicity, one of the host doctors, Dr. Ordon, discusses his journey through getting “floxed”. Dr. Ordon took a fluoroquinolone to treat chronic prostatitis. It should be noted that most cases of chronic prostatitis are NOT bacterial, and that fluoroquinolone antibiotics are no better than a placebo at treating non-bacterial prostatitis ( Unfortunately, Dr. Ordon had an adverse reaction to the fluoroquinolones he took. Dr. Ordon’s symptoms of fluoroquinolone toxicity that were discussed on the show include achilles tendinitis and muscle atrophy.

Dr. Ordon was helped by Dr. Mark Ghalili of Regenerative Medicine LA. On the show, Dr. Ghalili discusses some of the treatments he prescribed for Dr. Ordon including a customized IV treatment and growth factor injections.

Dr. Ghalili also discusses his journey through fluoroquinolone toxicity. Dr. Ghalili was in a wheelchair and unable to care for himself for months after taking a fluoroquinolone. He also suffered from brain fog and other adverse effects. You can learn more about his journey on Episode 25 of The Floxie Hope Podcast.

In addition to the help that Dr. Ordon received from the treatments provided by Dr. Ghalili, the host doctors also discussed the importance of time and patience for Dr. Ordon to get through fluoroquinolone toxicity.

This episode of The Doctors will certainly bring fluoroquinolone toxicity awareness to the thousands of people who watch the show. All those that made the episode possible are greatly appreciated!

You can view the fluoroquinolone toxicity feature on The Doctors here: