As I described in my last post, I am retiring from Floxie Hope and handing the site over to someone else. That “someone else” is…..

Jason Sousa

Many of you know Jason through Facebook and other platforms.

I wanted to hand Floxie Hope over to a fellow floxie, and preferably one who has recovered. Jason meets those requirements. He was floxed in 2014 and recovered in 2019 through a variety of methods that he will surely tell you about as he publishes posts, podcasts, videos, etc.

Just as importantly (if not more so) I wanted to hand Floxie Hope over to someone who showed a desire to advocate for and be involved with the floxie community. Jason has shown that he wants to help people through fluoroquinolone toxicity by starting a Facebook group focused on recovery from fluoroquinolone toxicity (Healing Floxing from Fluoroquinolones), posting tips for recovery in that group, coaching people (he’ll tell you more about that), making videos on a variety of topics related to healing from fluoroquinolone toxicity (check them out –, and more.

You will get to know Jason as he starts posting here on Floxie Hope.

Jason wrote this introduction note:

Thank you Lisa for entrusting me to be the caretaker of Floxiehope. I can only hope to carry on your legacy and instill the hope you gave to so many like myself in your posts. From the beginning of my journey my goal was to give hope and inspire others with my story. Floxiehope has done just that for so many readers of the posts on the site. I will continue to advocate for others, post recovery stories and add so even more valuable content. I will be actively engaging with the community to find those who have recovered, interviewing doctors and scientist working on the topic and adding video content. I can only hope that I will have the support of the community to assist me in taking Floxiehope to the next level. Lisa, you will be missed from the community but from all of us that have crossed your path along the way we thank you so much for being a pillar of hope.

🙂 Thanks so much, Jason! 🙂

I anticipate that there will be many differences in style between me (Lisa) and Jason. He will focus more on videos and less on written posts, he has expressed desire to revive the podcast (sorry for letting that lapse so horribly), and the site will transition from my perspective to his. His perspective is different from mine – of course. His journey is different, and what he has to say and teach is different from what I have/had to say and teach.

I hope that you all welcome Jason to his new role as owner/creator/administrator/etc. of Floxie Hope.

As I mentioned in my last post, this transition is bittersweet and hard for me, but I am confident that Jason will shepherd the site well. He is passionate about helping people through fluoroquinolone toxicity, and I am confident that he will be great at it. I ask all my floxie friends and community members to be as kind and generous to Jason as you have been to me.

The transition will be gradual over the next few weeks. We plan to complete the transition before 12/31/2020. I’ll be supporting Jason through the transition, and as needed after 1/1/2021.

I am looking forward to seeing what Jason does with Floxie Hope, and which directions he takes the site in! He has a great energy and perspective, and a lot to teach and give. He’ll be great. 🙂