How did we get to this point where fluoroquinolones, drugs that have been shown, over and over again, to have hugely deleterious effects on cells, are prescribed to millions of people each year?

No one stopped it.

No one kept the pharmaceutical industry from doing what they do – turning an acute problem into a chronic problem via throwing a wrench into carefully calibrated biochemical pathways.  Lifetime customers are born from chronic health problems.  I don’t think that it’s a conspiracy, but I do think that the pharmaceutical companies aren’t incentivised to stop hurting people with pharmaceuticals.

As Chandler Marrs noted, “Unbridled power – that’s what pharma has and we allowed it. It’s funny, we go up in arms when there is the perception of too much power in government, but not in corporate America and not in medicine. Those are sacred cows that must be slaughtered. Otherwise, we might as well go back to the snake oil salesman and circus callers because w/o checks and balances in the medical industry, there is no product safety, none.”

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