Floxie Hope Podcast Episode 35

Jay Sousa 0:00
Hey, Jason here from floxie hope and on this episode I’m with my wonderful guest. She’s going to tell you her story, and her healing journey through fluoroquinolones toxicity. And I’m going to let her introduce herself.

Julia 0:19
Hi, Jason. Hi, everybody. I’m Julia Seaton, and I live in the middle of the country. I’m in Des Moines, Iowa, I don’t think you can get any more central than that. I was floxed in 2012. And I had three rounds of levofloxacin, over a five year period of time. And in that five year period of time, I went back to the doctor, I saw so many doctors, so many specialists just trying to figure out what was going on with what I now know, were side effects. But I went to the doctor that day for a sinus infection. I went in there and had one for several weeks. It was relentless. It wasn’t going away. Horrible headache. And immediately The doctor said, Well, maybe, maybe it’s something more than that. So we had an MRI done, MRI came back and it was definitely just he called it a hot spot in my sinuses. She said, definitely a very infected sinus over my right eye. Which is funny, which is that is always been the side even after flexing, that has always been the worst side. I don’t know why. But she put me on levofloxacin and prednisone for seven days and said this would get rid of it quickly. Well, after the first dose, or the first pill, I did feel a little better. As it went on, I just kept getting more lethargic. And I just thought, Oh, man, this just isn’t gonna go away. Two months after that initial, I just kept going kind of downhill. It wasn’t it wasn’t like a lot of the stories you hear where someone took the pill, and they were immediately you know, paralyzed or, you know, they knew something right away, mine was just a gradual decline. And then two months later, I was a fitness professional, teach a lot of classes, I was teaching so many classes and loved it, I was very active, very fit, I had two kids that were very active, and I was running around, doing all the things with them. And my Achilles tendons, both of them, they were just there was pain. And that pain just kind of got worse and worse and worse until there was a bump on the back of my both tendons. They were you could feel them, they were just hot, they were on fire. And if somebody just brushed by me, I came out of my skin, it just was excruciating. So started going back to the doctor. A couple of weeks after that, I got a horrible rash on my face. It was a red burning rash, it felt like somebody just splashed acid on my face. So those are the two main symptoms that I kept going back to the doctor for for the next 10 months. You know, when I worked out, I could tell when I lifted weights, my muscles tangled. And you know, I just felt weak. And I thought, Well, that’s because I’m not doing as much because my Achilles tendons are hurting. And I kind of adjusted my schedule a little bit trying to, to lower my work my workload, tried to get more rest and just I accredited all of that to my job. And at the time, I was, you know, in my late 40s. And I thought, well, this is just aging, I’m doing too much. But at the end of the day, that really wasn’t it. You know, I’ve been very fit and able to handle twice as much as what I was doing before I got flexed and then got to the point where I could hardly do anything. So I get going back to the doctor. After 10 months. She was just perplexed. She said well, you must still have some infection. She didn’t want to run another MRI or another cat scan. So she just put me on another round of fluoroquinolones and prednisone. And

you know, it didn’t make me better. I was still with ajik and about a month after that I just started going downhill fast. So for the next 16 to 18 months, I was in her office or another doctor’s office every every other week. I go in I’d have a test run and then I have to go back in to see what the results were. It was so frustrating. And you know, I backed off as much as I could and I tried to hide how much pain I was in to my family because they I couldn’t explain it and finally talked my doctor into giving my Achilles tendons an ultrasound and the ultrasound tech was just, he just didn’t know what to say to me. He said he never seen anything like this, you’d never seen someone with dual Achilles tendons, and my tendons were fraying like a rope. So that knot that was in the middle of my Achilles tendon was really broken fiber that was just broken up and collecting in that one spot. And he said, I haven’t I’ve never seen this. I don’t know what to do about this. He says, you know, that he told me the best case scenario for you is for your tendons to break so we can actually do surgery and repair that. So I’m glad that never happened. But that was at that time. Still to this time,

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none of

Julia 5:55
the doctors looked at my prescription or tied it back to to any of the prescriptions that I was given. I was put on Accutane, I was put on a lapse cam. I was prescribed antidepressants, but I didn’t go on those because I knew I wasn’t truly depressed. I knew I was depressed because the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. And then I was trouble sleeping. So I did feel and take some Ambien. But that was scary. I just didn’t like doing that. So off of that. So after about 1618 months, doctor put me on a third and final round of fluoroquinolones. She didn’t partner it with prednisone, which didn’t matter. point my body was already so destroyed by the other two rounds. And went on to teach some classes. And I had this member who had been listening and watching and and came up to me and she said, She’s a pharmacist. She said, Have you ever had a fluoroquinolones antibiotic? And I said, probably, I’ve had so many prescriptions over the last, you know, five years, I don’t know. So I printed off the sheet took it to her, she sat down with me and she just started circling. She says, Oh my gosh, she says, This is what is wrong with you. So I got diagnosed by one of my gym members, who was a pharmacist, not even in one of the doctors that I went to. So I immediately started researching and dove into everything that I could with with fluoroquinolones found floxie hope. And I printed out I and you know, started working through that at that point, I had a whole lot of brain fog too. And it was just really hard for me to read, comprehend, really hard for me to process simple math equations and whatnot. So that brochure when I printed it out, was overwhelming for me. So I mean, I just had to take it out. And you know, like, eating an elephant is one bite at a time. And, you know, in the meantime, I was still working, still getting up every day going. And it was you know, it got a little bit better. I think I was blessed because the house that we were living in at the time, had a reverse osmosis system. So I was getting good water, great water. And I was already eating pretty healthy with with my nutrition. And I think those are two things that that kept me going at the you know, I was still exhausted by the end of the day. I was paralyzed, I would get in, I would sit on the couch, I put my feet up. And then it was all I could do to just kind of shuffle in to my bedroom and go to sleep and wake up and do it all over the next day. But I was surfing on Facebook. And lo and behold, here comes this news article out of La that had Dr. galega in it and his Cipro. And I watched that I researched him to make sure that you know, the story was real. And he was a real person and he was a real doctor, and then reached out to him and that was in 2018. So from 2012 to 2018, I was just limping along on my own. And like I said, the things that I did have going for me is that I already had a really clean diet. I wasn’t particularly careful with my protein. At that time. I was probably buying meat protein that still had antibiotics in it. So I wasn’t you know what I’m doing now and going to Whole Foods and getting the newest They’re back ever. Like I said, I had the floor or the reverse osmosis water, I was still moving and I got a massage every month.

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Julia 10:11
you know, and I think I tell them I’m a sous I just walked with her this morning, we did five miles, you know, at like 5am this morning. And I told her, I said, it’s, you know, all you, I mean, she kept me moving, because without those monthly massages, and her getting in there, and just working my calves and my hip flexors, and keeping all of those muscles and all of that fascia just, you know, still, you know, not freezing up, I think, is what really helped keep me going. And talking, really, he gave me what he could over the phone, you know, he kind of there were a few supplements that he recommended that I was not taking that was from the floxie hope guide. And, you know, I told him, I said, The sad part about it is I opened my own studio, probably three months before I actually found out what was wrong with me. So, please, and I had to just keep working. And it was just pretty much me, that was teaching the personal training and whatnot. So took me two years before I could get to the end of my lease and blessings to COVID. Because I didn’t renew my lease, I cashed out of all almost all of my equipment. And I just, I said, Okay, this is where I’m going, I’m going to LA so as soon as I soon as I close my studio, I got everything in order, and I was in LA getting treatment. And it’s a roller coaster, you know, you have days and bad days. And, and I remember there was there was a couple of clients in there who had had one IV and they said, Oh my gosh, you’re going to love this IV, it’s going to make you feel like it’s unicorn juice, you’re going to be wanting to run a marathon. Well, everybody’s different. And I didn’t react the same way that they did to that IV. But you know, everything that Dr. glogirly did after that I did respond to and I wasn’t cured. By the time I left, I did eight IV, I did all the injections and the peptides. And I did stem cells. But by the time I went on that airplane, I was pain free. My neuropathy was gone. I had a you know, I had hot spots, I had my left hip and my right ankle, and then my shoulders. And all of that was gone. And then just just about a month later, I noticed that I’ve always had TMJ, my TMJ was gone as well, which was kind of a benefit that I wasn’t even expecting. It was just like, all of a sudden, it was like, I’ve been had pain in my jaw forever. Um, so that was that was crazy. So went home, you know, followed his protocol for 30 days, or 90 days did the call check back within, you know, six months later, I’m 10 months out now. I did him in LA over spring break because my son lives out there. And we just did a booster IV and he looked over all of my my supplements, made some changes on those. And I’m feeling great. I mean, today was a great day I got it. I did. I did six miles was a fast fast walk. I had stuff so I didn’t get any weightlifting or anything like that done. But you know, and I’m, I didn’t sleep, you know, I’ll be able to stay up, stay up till nine or 10 tonight, go to bed wake up, where before. I could stay awake for about two hours. And then I would go lay down and rest. I would close my eyes. And it was just basically trying to block out the pain. It was never sleep. But on the weekends, I would just sleep all weekend long. Just to have enough energy to to do all the things that I needed with my fitness career during the week. And, you know, that’s, that is my abbreviated story if we went into each sector of that would be a novel.

Jay Sousa 14:26
Yeah, it’s remarkable. I I definitely tuned into a couple of key things that you said and the first being you had regular allopathic doctors that had given you a drug and an antibiotic, right? prednisone and an antibiotic and there’s literature and warning to say you shouldn’t do both right. And those doctors, you know, in my mind may be great doctors, but I feel like they did you a disservice by not doing the work to figure that out, too. prevent you from these side effects. They may not know, but they mean, in my mind if you like a doctor should do no harm, right? And if it’s proven that you shouldn’t take this and this, then they should at least, you know, know that and then they try to send you out to a specialist and they give you Ambien and they give you any depressants, and you’re treating pharmaceuticals with pharmaceutical toxicity, right? that’s frustrating, and our community is so harmed by the medical society and, and the medical professionals that it is hard for us to trust in another doctor, right to give us care, or to help us heal, right. But you’re a success. You chose a doctor and he got you better. And that’s remarkable. And I had similar similar story, but I had gone to three practitioners and spent money and time and, and didn’t get results. And then I finally decided to go to Dr. Gleason. And I’m much better. So in my mind, whatever he’s doing is right. I mean, it worked for you. It worked for me, for me, and it might not work for everybody. But it’s nice to know that you got pieces of your life back yet.

Julia 16:16
And I did go to three others that were natural path doctors. The first one I went to was also a do and about two months in, you know, she she wasn’t doing any. I take that back she put me on magnesium glycinate really easily absorbable pill, and that I think was huge for me because his tendons did start to respond to that. And but about two months, three months in, she wanted to put me on Cipro See I went in and told her my whole story. I

Unknown Speaker 16:58
laid it all out. I

Julia 16:59
said, You know, I said, this is what happened to me. And she she tried to tell me that no, this is for you. This is menopause. I think you have the perfect storm. I think that this I said well, I had learned at that point. I said, Well, fluoroquinolones toxicity, throws women into early menopause. And she was hormone disruption. Yeah. Yeah. And she says, Well, we need to kill your bad bacteria because it’s overgrown. And at that point, we had done a stool test and, and all that, a bunch of tests. And about a through her sentence. I just stood up and walked out. I was just done. You know, I wasn’t going to Yeah, okay, her, and I wasn’t going any further treatment with her. So I was really depressed because, you know, I still hadn’t found Dr. Galena yet. And I really had put a lot of hope into her. And a friend of mine was going to another doctor and in she said, This lady a try give this lady to try. So I went and she she took me off of all the all the supplements and said, mag glycinate and put me on a Liga Plex, which I do think that Liga Plex, whatever it was made out of I finished the repair of my Achilles tendons because they did stop fraying. It took a lot for that bump to actually go away dissolve. But I do believe that the mag and and that Liga Plex helped me heal that. But you know, my soft tissue was still very weak and I didn’t trust anything to I was not going to go running or sprinting or doing anything of, you know, any plyo work because I thought, you know, I can see myself trying something like that and having something snapped.

I saw her for a while and she kind of took me to as far as she could go. And then right next to my studio, there was a chiropractor who started a nap, she started up a natural healing. So I went in and did all of the blood work. She actually did more comprehensive blood work than the other two put together. But her her regimen did nothing for me. So it was it was just enough to tide me over until I actually get to LA and get the treatment.

Jay Sousa 19:39
Yeah, he um he’s a great guy I’ve I’ve learned to to be humble from this experience, because I’ve done so many treatments before I went to go see Dr. Bailey and for some reason I instinctually. Put that off till the end. I don’t know why. You know, financial stuff. was in the way but I had tried all these other treatments of doctors that didn’t really specialize in it. You know, I took my my wife from 2018 to 2019 to Oregon, and we went down to Mexico. At that point, we had like, no money left, and I’m like, I was worse, I was in a wheelchair. And I was like, I have two American Express cards, I’m just gonna do it. And it was on blind faith, I called a couple patients, and they were so sweet. On this, you know, this, these wonderful people, like, let me into their world and told me their experience. Had my wife push me there, from Boston to LA, I know, wheelchair, two pieces of luggage. I was scared, I don’t know about you. But I was like, so scared. I was like, just, I was over it. I was like, I, I just want this to be over. And, um, you know, I didn’t really know much about him till I got there. And then, literally an hour into our conversation. We’re like, we’re sharing home videos of each other, like crawling around, and like, I’m crying, he’s crying, my wife’s crying. And it was so real. And I was like this, this guy’s like, I don’t know, I just, I love this guy. Like, he gets it. He’s been there. And I really respect people that have gone through it. And I feel like, as a practitioner, he’s able to help people like us get better. And I know there’s a cost that comes with it, because insurance companies are terrible. But it’s just nice to know that you got so much of your life back now like six mile walk, that’s like an impressive,

Julia 21:20
my daily routine, I do a six mile walk, then I’ll come and I’ll do weights, I’ll do the strength because I I’m still trying to build my muscles up. They’re not they’re not recovering, like they used to. And, of course, I’m older. But I think that if I hadn’t had flossing, I think that by now 10 months out, I think that I probably would have been back to where I want to be. So I’m not really being too frustrated or upset about that. It’s just it is it is what it is. But I do the strength training. And I try to do the meditation, I’m doing sauna. We actually, you know, some day because COVID had all of the saunas around here shut down after I got done with my treatment. And I needed to get that three day and we ordered one and, and so I’ve got one here. And I’ve got the red light therapy. So I do that with just minimal supplements now, still, I’m you know, eating as clean and clean as I can. And just the meditation and positivity.

Jay Sousa 22:31
Positivity I just keep going. Just keep going, like keep moving forward, keep having hope, right? That’s what floxie hope is all about was like having hope.

Julia 22:41
And honestly, when I got done with the treatment, I didn’t know, I didn’t know what I was going to be able to do. I thought hey, you know, if I if this is it for me, and I’m just pain free, I’ll take it. But yeah, my body You know, I’m I’m doing anything that I want to, I’m doing everything that I want to so now gyms are opening up and I’ve got members who are texting me, and it’s like, I’m thinking, do I open my studio back up again? Do do I just go work at another

Unknown Speaker 23:12
studio? What

Julia 23:13
do I do, but I mean, that is huge for me. I mean, and that gives me a so much joy to even think about that, because I honestly didn’t think I was going to be possible to anything in that area, that career area again, I thought you know, I’m gonna have to dial it back. But who knows, you know, I might open up my studio again, or go rent a space and start, you know, doing some small group personal training. But that’s that’s kind of my my short term goal. My long term goal is not this year, but next year, because I was always into endurance sports. So I would go and do like the 12 mile obstacle endurance courses that you’d have to run over and climb over this and keep rental. And that was really something that I just brought me a ton of joy and I love doing that. But in Utah, they have an event that’s called 29 on 29 and it’s a three day event. You climb a mountain in Utah 13 times and that’s the equivalent of the height of Everest

Jay Sousa 24:29
That’s crazy. Oh my gosh,

Julia 24:31
I can’t do it this year just because I don’t think that my body’s going to be ready for it and my very first grandbaby is due Oh, I’m so I want to make sure that I’m I’m able to you know, not miss out on that. But definitely in 2022 you watch me. I will complete that.

Jay Sousa 24:54
That is my summary. I’ll be rooting for you. That’s amazing. I mean goals are like such a big Part of healing if you if you don’t have goals or a trajectory towards getting pieces of your life back, I feel like this can overwhelm you and consume every every part of you. Right? I’m sure you were at a place where it consumed almost every aspect of your life. All of it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah,

Julia 25:15
I’m your wife, you know, it’s hard to be, you know, I have, you know, two kids plus my son is married. So I’ve got really three kids, my husband who it was as supportive as they could have been, but nobody knows what it’s like, unless you actually begin the scan of it. You know,

Jay Sousa 25:35
yeah, it’s a it’s, it’s crazy when you really understand who who loves you, and who cares about you, like my wife, like, forgoed our wedding for a year because I didn’t want to go down or go down the aisle in a wheelchair. I was like, I want to try this treatment. I know, we don’t have any money, but I know it’ll help me. And I was so positive about it. And I was like, I just want to walk down the aisle to you. That was my goal. And we waited a year and I was able to do that. So it’s like, my goal came to fruition and I like cried like, it was such a hallmark moment in my life. And she supported me without her I wouldn’t have got to the point where I’m at for sure. So support is everything, like what your family doesn’t understand. But at least they support you. Right. I mean, they’re there for you. I mean,

Julia 26:17
they could have ran. I mean, they could have let go. Yeah, they try to understand as much as possible. But it’s been so great to have conversations with people that I was in treatment with that doctor galili and, you know, my family kind of knows them now, and, and they’re kind of family. And that was another benefit that I didn’t even expect when I went there is to meet some people who are going through the same thing, who had similar journeys, we’re all different each block see is so, so different, that we have so many of the similar similarities. Yeah. And to sit there and get to know them, and, and now to you know, we all check the ones that were there with me, we check in on each other all the time.

Jay Sousa 27:14
Yeah, it’s nice. It’s camaraderie. It’s a group, a tribe, a family a new like it’s a new member of your family. It’s a it’s a remarkable journey.

Julia 27:25
I did get COVID. I What? I got COVID in November. Don’t Don’t ask me how I mean, I pretty much would stay in my house. And then I would go out but I would do the grocery shopping. And I’d go out to the grocery shopping team down with COVID. And definitely reached out to Dr. gillooly. Immediately and Laurie and Dr. galili got like a package of peptides and stuff sent out to me, I had it the next day. And I was also talking to one of the other people that I was there with had COVID and she said, you’re going to be fine, you’re going to be fine. I recovered. The other person didn’t have it. But all three of those people were checking in on me daily. And it was such a blessing to have that because I don’t I don’t survive. COVID had I not had the treatment? I don’t know that for sure. But I sure know that my body was a lot stronger and healthier. Post treatment than before I laughed. So

Jay Sousa 28:32
yeah. You’re amazing. I Yeah. What’s What’s that? Lucky? You haven’t had COVID? I don’t know. I try to you know, I’ve flown like I’ve flown to a couple of conferences with doctors talking about the Senate. I’ve been to Florida, Minnesota. La we moved to LA in the past like year and a half and I I’ve been lucky or I have already gotten it. I had a really bad, something like a year and a half ago. But I don’t know I try to I try to just be ahead of these things as much as I can.

Julia 29:05
I get my antibodies tested every month, and I am six months out. I still have antibodies.

Jay Sousa 29:13
There’s the perfect vaccine protected as anybody who got any of that. Exactly. So a couple of questions first being out of everything you’ve tried for the last few years that you really like honed in on as the the things that helped, like what are a couple things that helped or any advice you could give?

Julia 29:38
Hey, the first thing that helped me out of the gate was the mag glycinate. Getting on that I could definitely tell that my body was absorbing it. I could have probably taken more. The first doctor first natural doctor that I went to put me on that and I think maybe she was too conservative and I probably could have up the amount that I was taking that helped. I did Epsom salt soaks those helped but the massage and and mimosas would just she would focus on my legs, she wouldn’t even do any anything else the whole, our treatment would be nothing but her massaging my legs and working on my calves and my attendance. And I, I do think and I like I told her this morning, I said, I’m gonna do this podcast and tell my story. And I said, you’re in it. So you get me moving at the time, when after I found out about it. And then I started reading it. And it was right after I opened my studio, my stress level went way up, because I knew that this wasn’t going to be something that wasn’t going to happen with a pill or overnight, it was going to be something that was going to take me like my full focus. And so I was probably stressed a little bit more than I probably would have been had I not opened the studio and found out about it. So I do tell people that you know, if you’ve got stress in your life, try to dial that back as much as you can as much as you possibly can. Mm hmm. Honestly, looking back, I wish in 2018 when I first found Dr. galili, I would have just put everything on pause, and went out and got treatment, and came back and then started up again, hindsight, it’s the

Jay Sousa 31:42
best. I know, I know. floxie hope for me has been such a blessing to take over Lisa’s mission, but it comes with stress. Unfortunately, it involves a lot of time, but I feel like I’m creating this. You know, this this time capsule that will stay in history for people 1020 years from now we’ll have this podcast and hear your story. And it’ll be such a resource for people floxie hope gets criticism and comments and it but but at its core, it’s moving people towards hope. Right? And it’s it’s this wonderful resource for people to, to have and it’s people like you contributing to that, helping other people inadvertently. It’s, it’s a beautiful thing, and I’m so happy that it’s part of my life, honestly. And you are the perfect person for it. I hope so sometimes, you know, I look in the mirror, I’m like, Am I doing the right thing. But you know, there’s so many people that reach out and they’re like, you’ve helped me in some way somehow. And I’m like, I just put myself out there. And I just feel like, I want to give everyone a hug because I’m out of tears. I can’t cry anymore. But at least I can be there for people. You too. You too, right? Like, you just can’t cry anymore.

Julia 33:00
Like I can’t cry about any more. But, you know, I’m here. I’m here for whoever needs to, to talk or, you know, needs somebody to say, am I doing the right thing? I might know whether you’re I won’t know whether you’re doing the right thing. But you can run run by me know if you need an ear to listen. You know,

Jay Sousa 33:26
that’s amazing. I noticed people always want like a quick fix. They always reach out like, what can I do right now. And I’m like, what you can do right now is go hang out with your family laugh and tell them you love them. And stop going down rabbit holes on Facebook groups just, you know, get the basics down or your supplements, whatever, that’s what you need to do. But the best supplement you can do is just being with family laughing. Having hope like that is the best advice I can give anybody, not some expensive treatment and expensive supplements like you lower your stress. You tell your family let me laugh with your friends and family. You instantly feel better.

Julia 34:02
You lower that stress level. Yeah, it’s key. Like I said, I just couldn’t. And like I said, I wish I would have just press pause and let the chips fall where they may, you know if I lost all my whatever. But yeah, it was just too much stress for two years is too long to go after you made a decision. And you know, that’s the path and the treatment. You want to go down.

Jay Sousa 34:35
Yeah, yeah. It’s scary. I mean, I had Dr. g was my fourth treatment. So I had years of just pain and agony. And I hate bringing that up because I hate the strong word too. But it’s, I wish it didn’t happen but I went through it and it’s part of me, but I had gone through so many treatments then I got there and then that that made me better. So it’s like it’s a hard road right like emotionally physically finance. Really, spiritually, like all these things, you have to connect the dots to make make that make that happen. And you did and look at you now like, it’s impressive in months, and it’s like, let’s go. Let’s go. Yeah, you’re like, I’m a pretty energetic guy and I have pretty wide bandwidth. But I think you definitely have a lot more energy than me. I wish I could keep up with you at 36. I’m Oh, my God.

Julia 35:27
Oh, well, I’ll be back out there in July. And maybe we’ll go for a hike.

Jay Sousa 35:34
Awesome, awesome. I get to buy a pair of Merrill’s like those fancy boots is hiking boots. So, you know, and get my water pack and bring my dog. This is the place to high grade Southern California is this awesome place? Yes. But so like, in closing, if you wanted to give like advice or anything you can say to anybody listening? What would it be that would help them? Well, the

Julia 36:02
first thing is to focus on that floxie hope guide printed out, digest as much as you can, because I know when I first like I told you I had the brain fog is so bad, I printed it out. And I just would maybe a book each day to kind of digest it into those supplements, because they are spot on, you will you will need those. Find yourself a support group, oh my gosh, right to explain it to your family and your friends. And hopefully, if they don’t get it, they’re, they’re gonna, they’re just gonna listen to you. And they’re going to be there. If you’re not finding a support group there. You know, get into the healing floor quinolone support group and and start a conversation there. There are a lot of people in there who have who have done a great job of, you know, getting themselves healed back. There are some that have gone to a practitioner and gotten healed. Just Just talk to them. Don’t hold it inside. Don’t just, you know, sit there and say, it’s only happening to me, nobody understands me, I don’t get this. There are so many resources. Now back when I first was trying to figure it out. It was a wasteland. There was hardly anything 12 2015 maybe a little bit, definitely 2017 1819. And even now there’s so much information. Don’t get stuck in a rabbit hole of all the bad things, all the things that permanent, you’re not going to recover. No, that’s not true. I don’t believe that for anybody. That you need to take the right supplements, figure out what works for you. And that might take a while to plug and play and see what works for you. Get your massages, do the self care Take care of yourself. If you don’t have access to a sauna, get access to one go to a red light or access to your red light. Find one definitely just keep keep up on that. The self care is so important and meditate.

Unknown Speaker 38:30

Julia 38:31
honestly yoga I tried to do yoga before I got to see Dr. galili and my feet and ankles were in such bad shape. I couldn’t, I couldn’t hold yoga poses. And so even though it was great, and yoga is great, I’m doing it now like crazy, but it killed my Achilles tendons just would not do it. But, you know, point where you can do some stretching and holding poses and lengthening those muscles and those tendons in a comfortable way. You don’t have to, to get into the crazy poses just just you know, stay on top of that.

Unknown Speaker 39:13
That would be

Julia 39:15
my my advice to myself. Yeah.

Jay Sousa 39:19
Yeah, exactly. Like if you could like, transport yourself back in time and tell yourself you’ll be okay. And give yourself those little tidbits. I mean, that’s, that’s some of the best advice and a lot of that didn’t revolve around getting that big treatment. Right. It was more of the fun fundamentals. A big treatment is it works for some people work for many people, but not everyone needs it. If you can do a lot of these things at home. Right, you know, you may not need these big treatments. So, that’s amazing. I’m so happy that you’re walking six miles and thinking about opening up your Fitness Studio again, and I’m definitely getting a massage tomorrow. For sure.


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