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Are there safe fluoride-free bottled water?

If you are a “floxie” you know the importance of going fluoride free. Fluoroquinolones are loaded with fluoride, and adding more to your body may not be the right answer. So, starting with the water you drink seems like a prudent decision, right? Well, finding high-quality water is not always easy.

It seems like today every company is willing to cut a few corners to make a quick dollar. However, there seems to be a push by many for high quality bottled water. To be honest, I wish there were more companies using higher standards, but that argument is for another day. In this article, I want to ensure you that there is safe bottled water you can drink right now.

I would also like to discuss the worst bottled water and why. Secondly, you can also filter your own and safe the plastic waste, more on that later. Finally, I would like to give you three of the best bottled water to date and why you should drink them.

the problem with fluoride in the water

Why is fluoride a problem

This is a huge topic, and depending on where you stand (the science or the misinformation) this will ultimately sway your decision. I believe and know, based on the peer reviewed evidence, that fluoride is bad for you. Don’t get me wrong, fluoride is found in foods and in nature. However, fluoride is the only prescription medication forced on anyone in the U.S because it is in our tap way in most cases. 

Fluoride is suggested by most dentist, but based on research and meta-analysis, there is no correlation that fluoride prevents tooth decay. See this article I wrote on why fluoride is an issue and how to mitigate from your life. 

Fluoride has been correlated to brain development issues. No wonder why this happens as babies are reliant on formula and most parents give fluorinated tap water in the formula. See this study here on the effects of fluoride and the brain. To really make this fact even more important, see this study with infants and brain development.

Did you ever have joint pain as a result of something you could not explain? After years of ingesting fluorinated water, drugs and foods, the amount of fluoride in your body can contribute to muscle-skeletal issues and you can see one recovery story showing that. One study shows how workers exposed to fluoride accelerated joint pain and instability.

I hope this will be the best guide to low fluoride bottled water to keep your drinking safe for you and your family.

The plastic problem

Turn on the news anywhere in the world, and you will see that our landfills, recycling centers and ecosystem are overburdened by plastics. Heck we even have plastics in our blood in some cases from the food we eat the containers we use as this study highlights.

BPA (Bisphenol A) a byproduct of the plastic making process, and it has been shown to cause infertility, hormonal disruption and cancers. See this article on the proof of those claims. Almost all bottled waters use this as it is cheap to make their product. But when these bottles are left in heat or the sun, that chemical is leached into the water you are going to drink. 

Digging deeper, I found even the World Health Organization (WHO) was forced to conduct a health review after finding 90% of bottled water contained high levels of microplastics.12 So when drinking bottled water, try and shop for BPA free plastics or go for glass and save yourself the trouble.

lowest fluoride bottled water

The worst high fluoride bottled water

The list below is curated because they have high fluoride counts, most likely from tap water sourcing, and may be using BPA water bottles. 

  • Arrowhead   1.1PPM
  • Crystal Rock   .78PPM
  • Crystal Springs   .89PPM
  • Aqua Box       1.21PPM
  • Nestlé Pure Life  .2PPM
  • Poland Springs   .2PPM
  • Fiji water     .2PPM


The best low fluoride or no fluoride bottled water

Below are some of the best waters I have found to meet the low fluoride requirements. If you are out looking for a cold beverage, try looking for one of the companies below as they test safe by multiple sources online. 

  • Aqua Pure
  • Blue Ice Natural Mineral Water
  • Century Springs
  • Deja Blue
  • Dannon
  • Clear Mountain Spring Water
  • Evian
  • Flowing Springs
  • Fresh Market
  • Glacier Bay
  • Mountain Valley Spring Water
  • Oasis Pure Drinking Water
  • Polaris Water
  • Smart Water


Alternatives to having to buy bottled water

So, I live in a town that has fluorinated their water. I then went on a search for an inexpensive way to find a filter that could remove the fluoride and other harmful suspects in the water. One of my coaching clients suggested looking into Clearly Filtered


That filter is the best I’ve found and remove 99.9% of fluoride. For me, that is a win and I use it to protect my family from harmful water. I, personally, hate plastic waste, so I opt to carry a stainless-steel water bottle with my filtered water throughout the day. I am saving money, lessening my carbon footprint and drinking the safest water possible. 

clearly filtered low fluoride

My top 3 favorite bottled water you can buy right now from the best guide to low fluoride bottled water


  • Get a filter  and stainless-steel bottle and make your own (you will save so much money this way)
  • Evian Water, this is a favorite of mine and you can clearly tell how good by the taste. 
  • Smart Water, with their carbon reverse osmosis filtration process and being super available, this is a no-brainer buy for me. 

I hope our best guide to low fluoride water did and can help you navigate the world of fluoride free bottled water to keep you and your family safe.


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