The Floxie Hope Podcast Episode 13 - Kim

In Episode 13 of The Floxie Hope Podcast, Kim shares her story of fluoroquinolone toxicity.  Kim became ill in 2013 from Levaquin/levofloxacin combined with steroids, that mixed with several other toxins, to cause her to have severe dysautonomia and to be couch-bound for years.

One thing that Kim suggested is getting a hair analysis to detect vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  She was able to get a hair test from her functional medicine doctor who can be found at  Kim’s functional medicine doctor helped her with many other things too.

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A note regarding The Floxie Hope Podcast:  Not all the stories told on the podcast are going to be recovery stories.  I want to share all stories of fluoroquinolone toxicity on the podcast, not just the ones from people who are fully recovered.  Kim is still quite sick.  She has improved, but she is not yet recovered.

If you would like to share your story on The Floxie Hope Podcast, please let me know through the “contact” link on this page.  Thank you!


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