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On episode 7 of The Floxie Hope Podcast I had the opportunity to interview Brett Peto.  Brett was only 21 years old when he got floxed by levofloxacin.  After taking levofloxacin, Brett went from being in the peak of his physical fitness (as 21 year olds should be) to having aches, pains, muscle freezing, weakness and more musculoskeletal problems.

Brett and I discussed the things that have helped him through fluoroquinolone toxicity.  In addition to magnesium and the information that he got from Floxie Hope, he was also helped by the support and love of his friends and family.  We discuss the healing that art and laughter and community can bring.  We also discuss how Bret’s perspective was changed by his experience with fluoroquinolone toxicity.  The medical system lost credibility with Brett after he was poisoned by levofloxacin.  He has found a good doctor to work with though, and is trying not to be too jaded from his experience.

Brett mentions his book, The Updraft, in the podcast, and how writing was healing for him.  You can purchase The Updraft HERE.

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