Bronwen made this AMAZING chart of fluoroquinolone damage mechanisms that lead to fluoroquinolone toxicity and disability:

Fluoroquinoline reaction chart updated Aug 2016

I know that people are sometimes reluctant to click on links, but I wasn’t able to make the chart into a jpg that I could fit on this page, so, links to the pdf are what I can give you. Please check it out–thanks!

Fluoroquinoline reaction chart updated Aug 2016

You can read about Bronwen’s journey through fluoroquinolone toxicity HERE. Bronwen has been incredibly generous in offering advice and guidance to those who comment on her story too. She is thoughtful, intelligent, insightful, and greatly appreciated!

Putting together the fluoroquinolone toxicity puzzle, and determining what is going on in our “floxed” bodies, is really difficult. Brownen’s chart is helpful, and it’s a wonderful thing to give to doctors and anyone else who is interested in learning about fluoroquinolone toxicity.

Bronwen used the “Dear Colleague” letter by Dr. Miriam J. de Jong as a resource for the chart, and I highly recommend that you check it out too. It can be read HERE.

I have compiled some additional resources for sorting out the fluoroquinolone toxicity puzzle that include:

Through working together, doing research, sharing information, and speaking out, maybe we can all get to the root of what, exactly, fluoroquinolone toxicity is. Once that is known, solutions will be easier to come by.



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