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What are the four most important supplements for FQ toxicity?

Before we dive deeper into some of the first supplements you can take, I want you to actually understand what supplements are and how they help you heal. Here is the definition of what a supplement is. 


1. something added to complete a thing, supply a deficiency, or reinforce or extend a whole.

I thought this was an important fact to state to you before suggesting why you would want to take a supplement. FQ toxicity leads to mitochondrial dysfunction, therefore leaving you functionally at a deficiency. To counter the effects of fluoroquinolone antibiocits you must fill the deficiency and stabize them. The mitochondria use signaling systems to talk to one another, and if they are sending a distress signal of dysfunction, that can be a worsening situation.

In this article,  I will review four supplements, proven by studies to help reduce and reverse the issues first created by fluoroquinolone antibiotics.  Please make sure to read through this article and get access to my supplement list and get 10% off all of your purchases for life and free shipping.

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The Power Of N-acetyl cysteine

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is a supplement form of cysteine. Your body doesn’t make it, and it’s not found in foods, but it still plays an important role. Like cysteine, NAC bonds with glutamine and glycine to form glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. Glutathione performs many functions throughout your body, such as helping to maintain your immune system.

NAC supplements can help to fill the gaps in your natural cysteine levels, ensuring that you have what you need. But this wonder supplement plays a crucial role in countering the effects of FQ toxicity, and here is why.

In a study conducted by researchers they found that adding NAC after exposure to fluoroquinolones the patient has less collagen degradation and also less reactive oxidant species (ROS). 

“Simonin et al. [97] report oxidative damage to collagen I to be prevented by coadministration of N-acetylcysteine (150 mg/kg) to the mice. Tsai et al. report similar anticyto- toxic effect of resveratrol [98]. Vitamins C and E belong also to this group; however, after they annihilate some radicals, they can be reduced using NADPH 2. Some papers point to the ability of vitamin E to reduce the consequences of FQ- induced damage [99]. Vitamin C is presented to possess the ability to protect against lethal gamma photon irradiation in mice a strong source of OS [100]. Trace elements Zn, Cu, Se, Fe, and Mn are cofactors of important antioxidative enzymes. Selenium supplementation is reported [101] to partially restore oxidative stress and sperm damage in FQ-treated cells.

I, personally, have found this one supplement to be well tolerated in all of my coaching clients, and also I, personally, take it and have for years. I have found that it has no reactions, less expensive and more beneficial than glutathione in most cases. If you would like to get the Core Four supplements, please click here now to order them.

Minerals For Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

I have to emphasize here that this is the most important part of healing in my opinion and for many a life long necessity. For myself minerals have been the cornerstone of my healing and every time that I do not have them in my system I feel it. You can also check out this article on the role magnesium

The reason why minerals are so important, especially magnesium is that FQs chelate, or remove intracellular minerals. This in turn leaves the cell functionally at a defiect. If your mitochondria do not have ample amounts of magnesium then you will have a huge problem as magnesium helps turn on over 400 enzymes that do work in the body. 

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics cause something called gate leakage, which is a fancy term for escaping minerals. If you have this happening then your cells are dumping out minerals you will need to survive, and this has been postulated to happen to all damaged cells for the life of the cell. Here is an excerpt from the a study on the topic. 

“Supplementation of uni- and bivalent cations that are chelated by FQs: the role of uni- and bivalent cations was partially discussed in point A. Additionally, the role of Mg, and K must be presented. Both ions possess high intracellular concentrations (Mg: 20x and K 40x higher than extracellular). K is probably removed from the cell in the OS state by opening redox-sensitive Kv1.5 channels. Mg is strongly chelated by FQs, but, most likely, it also escapes from the cells due to some unrecognized mechanisms. The supplementation must take into consideration the regulatory effect of kidney, which removes overdosed amounts of both cations to the urine. Thus, small but often doses are rather recommended to keep a bit higher concentrations of both ions in the blood plasma, which makes it possible to reduce the concentration gradients across the cell membranes and facilitate entering both to the cell.”

If you have not started looking into minerals, you may want to implement them with your doctor’s approval. Things like magnesium chelate, trace minerals, electrolytes can help drastically.

COQ10 Is A Powerful Antioxidant

One of the four most important supplements for FQ toxicity is Coenzyme Q10. COQ10 is required by every cell in your body. You make most of the substance, but you can get some of it by eating meat and seafood or supplementing. Three forms of coenzyme Q10 exist. Ubiquinone is found in most coenzyme Q10 supplements. The body changes ubiquinone to the antioxidant form, ubiquinol, which then enters the blood inside lipoproteins and moves to various tissues. Ubiquinol also can be purchased as a supplement and is a much better source. Also a supplement called MitoQ does get into the cells (mitochondria) a bit better than the prior two forms. 

In this study they proposed that MitoQ does help alleviate the ROS created from FQ toxicity. 

“Among the antioxidants which enter easily, the mito-chondria are the most interesting ones. Lowes et al. [79] show that the mitochondrion-targeted antioxidant MitoQ protects against fluoroquinolone-induced oxidative stress and mitochondrial membrane damage in human Achilles tendon cells. In cells treated with MitoQ, the oxidative stress was lower and mitochondrial membrane potential was maintained.”

I love MitoQ and you can actually get a bottle of it to try today and see if it helps you reduce your symptoms. Check out the Core Four protocol below. 

Vitamin E Battles FQ Toxicity ROS

Free radicals can ruin your health, and here is why that happens. Imagine that you are in a room filled with smoke, and you can’t breathe. The oxygen in the room has become toxic, and your lungs just cannot catch a break. Well, how do you think your mitochondria feel when this happens. Pretty bad, I would assume.

So by adding this fat soluble Core Four supplement, you can essentially reduce the amount of ROS in the cells and help the mitochondria breath right again. Vitamin E has been shown to target the effects of FQ toxicity, and this study proves the reasons why.

“Vitamin E has been found to protect against damage from the administration of ciprofloxacin on human fibroblast cells due to its prevention of free-radical damage in biological membranes. Whether this protective effect of vitamin E can be used as a mechanism against the harmful effects of fluoroquinolones in patients is unknown.”

There are some things you should know about vitamin E and the forms to take. Vitamin E in most studies show that adding tocopherols and tocotrienols which are versions of vitamin E, can help get into the cells more abundantly. 

I know going through FQ toxicity can be scary and overwhelming. However, I know things can get better if you implement things like the Core Four, speak to a qualified doctor, and have a positive mindset. I have seen so many heal their wounds and struggles, and hope can be a powerful tool. This article is meant for general advice and is not direct medical advice. I suggest you speak to your doctor to implement a supplement schedule that works for you. I can attest that working with over 170 clients to date that all of these supplements have helped tremendously, and I hope they help you as well. Please comment below with what has worked for you, and it may help others.

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