As a graphic designer, I used to sit down at my PC for hours on end. The longer I could slave away, the more money I could make… Unfortunately, this lead to me getting prostatitis which was very painful…the doctors kept prescribing me antibiotics and after 3 months it wasn’t going away, so I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin which ironically worked and the pain subsided. I didn’t have any initial reactions from Cipro except some possible muscle twitching.

As the years went by I did notice that my muscles were starting to become stiff, cramping and unflexible. I put it down to old age as I was getting close to 40 and thought… you know what, maybe it’s just part of aging. I started to put weight on quickly and in 2017 I had quite a stressful time at my business. Signage and design deadlines can be an absolute killer! Anyway, I was up visiting my parents and woke up one morning and couldn’t feel my legs at all. They were burning and in pain like someone had shot a flamethrower on them.

My parents thought I had a nervous breakdown and put it down to that, but I knew that the Cipro that I took caused bad reactions and one of them was tendonitis, so I research that, and I managed to find several Facebook groups with millions of people with the same symptoms as me.

So many people would say no it’s nothing to do with antibiotics but I knew that it was. Anyway, I have tried so many treatments and taken thousands of dollars of supplements. Like many of you floxie’s I had some very dark days times when I wanted to not be here in Earth, but luckily, I had an extremely supportive and strong wife who has become such a rock in my life and means so much to me now even more than she did before which I don’t think was even possible, but you need people to help support you get through this.

Anyway, I tried so many things that have helped me. I think keeping relatively active has been the best thing for me. If I don’t keep active, I will get a lot worse. The other thing is detoxing and also regular massage to keep fluids moving through my body… It’s also diet that is key. Any preservatives you need to try and avoid and if you can go gluten-free that is a great thing. I find that difficult. Also, coffee is difficult to give up.

As the years are gone by, I feel like I’m getting better and better. There are days when I feel a 100% which I never thought would be possible, so I would like to say definitely keep fighting and look for better days things do pass… unfortunately there are flare-ups that I still have now but I am so much better than I was saying a year ago and then so much better again than I was 2 years ago.

Keep the faith and be strong. You need to look after yourself and be a little selfish. Sometimes the simplest things like getting out in the sunshine having a laugh with family… getting as much support as you can. It all helps. I deal with stress differently now, as if I get too stressed it ends up affecting my health. I almost feel like Cipro has affected my whole nervous system. But the thing is I keep feeling like I can get even better than I am now, and I always believe I can.

My goal has always been to try and get close to a 100% better. All I can say is I’m happy to be alive. I love my life I love playing ice hockey I love playing electric guitar I go mountain biking I don’t miss out of numerous things, but I do have to rest at times and I do need to look after my body. If you need someone to reach out to reach out to I’ll try and give you my help and advice, but as you will know we are so different.

love Paul

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