Fluoroquinolone Recovery Story By Tanya Sherren

In January this year it was exactly one year since I was poisoned by ciprofloxacin. I wanted to do a one year post but I was made to feel ashamed about talking about it by the people who I thought were closest to me… so I never did. I was also told that other people are going through tough times too so why should I share my story…i understand that everyone goes through tough times and everyone has their own story, and infact I want my story to inspire people. What happened to me is a part of my life and it changed my life in many ways. 
Life is not always easy and sometimes we need a bit of inspiration and we should be lifting up eachother not bringing eachother down. So I have decided to do a post because I am proud of where I am today and what i have pulled myself through and so I should be. When i look back to this time last year and to where i am now, through sheer strength, will power and faith.. I pulled myself through of what I can say was truly a haunting and life changing experience.I never imagined what it would feel like to have your entire body fail on you in every aspect. But now I do, but I also know how it feels to heal and build your body and mind back up again. So I hope my post inspires anyone else who is going through flouroquinoline toxicity, or any other chronic illness or mental illnesses. I know what you are going through…and that it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel..but there is hope.

So here is my post that I never posted:
Today Marks one year since I took ciprofloxacin (a popular antibiotic) (my liver could not process it and it poisoned me and caused severe neurotoxicity) It’s been an extremely tough 2 years in more ways than one..mentally, physically and emotionally..from losing my Dad to loosing my health in the space of one year and then losing relationships and walking away from relationships that I thought would last a lifetime. But then ofcourse regaining my health too! I have learnt so much from my experience which I can tell you for sure I don’t wish upon my worst enemy.
These are the things I’ve learnt:

1.You will probably loose alot of friends and relationships..including ones that you thought were life long, but you’ll also learn who your real friends are, who truly loves you and if they no longer in your life when you need them most…it was never real to begin with and you’re better off without them anyway. I have a handful of precious friends and family that have stuck by my side and I love you for it and I’ll never forget it. You all know who you are..thank you

2.How we really can take our bodies and health for granted.. and don’t treat it like it’s like the only body we have. I admit I was once guilty of that..until I couldn’t walk, until every function in my body stopped working the way it was supposed to… including my mental state, I had completely lost my thought process and struggled to even put a sentence together the way I once could… only then did I realize how lucky you are if you have a healthy and fully functional body and mind. No one is invincible, don’t ever think you are.

3. How many toxins we put into our bodies on a daily basis, without even realizing. From the water we shower in to the food we consume, to the products we use. 80% of our food has either preservatives in, is genetically modified, has pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics..the list goes on. I’ve learnt that eating organically and clean really can reverse illnesses and prevent diseases from developing. What you consume can either fight disease or feed disease. I cured myself through diet and natural medicines, and not consuming ANYTHING toxic…this tells you alot.

4. It you have a loving Mother who would go the ends of the earth for you you are truly blessed. I miss my Dad dearly, but I feel so lucky to still have my mum around. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. You really are the best mum. Thank you.

5. Your mind is an extremely powerful tool, what your mind believes, your body will follow. Believe in healing and your body is bound to follow.
6. When you think your life is over or that you could be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life and you make a come back…you gain a new lease on life. I now treat my body like the temple it is. I live each day to the best I can and try to count my blessings every single day. I have a new respect for people with chronic illnesses and mental disabilities. Don’t EVER underestimate what these people go through or judge them..they fight a battle with their bodies every single day that you’re not even aware of.

Last but not least.. I would like to thank my incredible homeopathic doctor Natalie Christie who got me on the right path so that I could heal. She is incredible and I highly recommended her!

I can happily say that I’m now 99% better. I’m on a new path now and life is great. I really am so blessed and lucky to be where i am today. Some people like me have not been so lucky, some have ended up in wheel chairs, some live in chronic pain and can barely get out of bed on a daily basis, some have lost their lives to this drug. Some days I can’t believe that I went through it..and that I am where I am. But I believe I can get through anything now. So to anyone going through tough times..keep going..it doesn’t last forever

And I will never stop spreading awareness about this drug.. because if it can save atleast one person’s life.. I’ll be happy!
Attached images below are every single side effect that i experienced and that most people experience during flouroquinoline toxicity. These side effects last months..to years in some people.

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