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This site is to give HOPE to those who are suffering from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome as a result of being poisoned by fluoroquinolone antibiotics – Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, Floxin, etc.  It contains stories of healing.

Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox and all other fluoroquinolones are dangerous drugs that can have devastating effects that cumulatively I’ll refer to as Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome or Floxing.  Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome/Floxing includes damage to connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, cartilage, fascia, etc.) throughout the body, damage to the nervous systems (central, peripheral and autonomic), and more. The damage done by fluoroquinolone antibiotics can destroy a person’s quality of life or even kill them. Certainly, there is a time and a place for drugs with dangerous side effects. If you find yourself in a septic shock induced coma, fluoroquinolones may save your life. Unfortunately, these drugs are not being reserved for life or death situations. People are being prescribed them for urinary tract infections, suspected prostate infections, upper respiratory infections, as a prophylactic for travelers’ diarrhea, ear infections, pink eye, etc. Thousands of people have suffered needlessly from the devastating effects of fluoroquinolone antibiotics, when another, safer antibiotic could have, and should have, been used.

The damage done by fluoroquinolones is largely unacknowledged by the medical establishment and an accurate diagnosis, compensation and relief are difficult to come by. There is no known cure for Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome/Floxing.  However, many people continue to LIVE after being poisoned by fluroquinolones.  They find healing, recovery, perseverance, compassion and hope.  These are their stories.

This site is meant to give hope for healing to those who are adversely effected by fluoroquinolones.  It is no way meant to disregard the pain of those who are chronically suffering from the horrifying effects of Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox or the other fluoroquinolones.  There are people who don’t recover.  Their stories are real and they matter.  There are also people who are able to recover and I share their stories with the hope that they inspire others, or at least give hope that recovery is possible.

Here is a New York Times article about the dangers of fluoroquinolone antibiotics – http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/10/popular-antibiotics-may-carry-serious-side-effects/?_r=0 – more news stories, research papers and other resources can be found on the “Links and Resources” page.

Here is a Facebook group that is a great resource for those going through Fluoroquinolone Toxicity – https://www.facebook.com/groups/floxies/

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  1. my sweet lord October 5, 2015 at 6:00 pm Reply

    Hi folks i´m currently battling myralgia parestetica, i´m bedridden. But i wanted to check in and tell everyone the news on b12 methycobalamin, investigate it, it is very promising in many ways related to neurological damage and recovery. The brain fog lasts about three month depending on the damage but methycobalamin would help a lot in that area as well as many other areas. noone is exempt from damage once the get an adverse reaction. if they have a lot of money they can get better treat ment options. The point to remember is this, quins destroy the capillary system and from their the entire body begins to atrophy, since your stomach is destroyed you can not absorb foods as well as before, that is why recover takes a long time, but everything you can do to help yourself is a big plus.

  2. Lucero Rojas October 6, 2015 at 7:18 am Reply

    Hi Linda

    I am here in texas my doctor is in Austin. He is a holistic doctor.he knows about the gene mutation but said myers would help me but I didn’t know that is kind of contradicted having vitamins b when having that gene mutations. I am confused now!!!

    • Michael Teeter October 8, 2015 at 12:38 pm Reply

      Lucero Rojas I am currently taking a class on College Park
      Genes and the Human Condition (From Behavior to Biotechnology) via the University of Maryland, and from what I have learned so far we are just scratching the surface on reading the genome and mutations. You and I may share a mutation but it may do nothing with me and quite a lot with you. It is very interesting to say the least. With me I am producing huge amounts of B12 and they have no Idea why. Most Floxies are lacking with this Vitamin.
      You may want to contact http://www.pointofreturn.com and tell them your story. They have helped quite a few Floxies back to health. They could send recommendations to your doctor.

  3. Lucero Rojas October 6, 2015 at 7:19 am Reply

    Linda i forgot to mention be isn’t putting all the vitamin b just some. Don’t know if that makes a difference of how my body is going to break them down. He gave me a cream to methylate but couldn’t tolerate it yet I got sick after I tried it this was before doing the Myers ivs. He said to start doing it later after mg body was stronger same thing with the candida pills because he said I was going to have the dieoff effect and was going to feel sick afterwards. So he said let’s do myers first then we will address the other issues. Does that make a difference in what am doing or taking? He said so we don’t overwhelm the body w toxins. He isn’t doing the high dose of vitamin c he hasn’t mentioned it yet. Don’t know what else he wants to do. For the Myers he is doing half the bag since the dripping has to be really slow because I got dizzy when they tied to speed it up. Did half the bag last week w the same amount of magnesium, vitamin c and vitamin b.

    • Jason October 6, 2015 at 11:25 am Reply

      If someone has Candida they will usually experience nasty die-off symptoms when starving it/killing it off, so it sounds like you are getting some good advice, these can be very unpleasant, bad headaches, body aches, and much more, largely due to the toxins they release when being killed off.

      All Floxies are already toxic, so yes one has to be very careful about things like B Vitamins (can kick start detox process), killing Candida (needs to be done but timing important) and anything that causes toxins to be released, dumped or absorbed, etc. Food and Water intake very important here, many people have Fluoride in Water and due to the Cipro drug are toxic in Fluorine so avoiding Fluoride water, coffee, and all sources important. Many foods are just plain toxic, especially processed. All forms of toxins need to be avoided to give the body a chance to get rid of its current burden in order to heal

      • Lucero Rojas October 6, 2015 at 12:04 pm Reply

        Hi Jason sending warm hugs your way and many blessings! Thank you for your response. So since I was given myers for 3 weeks which include magnesium, vitamin b1, b3, B6 and b12 and the vitamin c removing the vitamin b will it not alter too much the composition of the myers? Will it be safe just to do magnesium and vitamin c alone?

        • Jason October 6, 2015 at 1:52 pm

          Hugs back at you sorry to hear you are suffering. Floxies need Magnesium almost more than any other one thing, the Cipro drug with the Fluorine in it binds with Magnesium and robs the body of Magnesium, and its needed for over 300 important processes in the body.

          I’m not sure if they could remove things from a Myer’s or not. Vit C should be fine, I can’t think of a reason to avoid it. Vit B is very important, but people with Gene issues need to be careful, see that I put below for more info, its complicated

      • Lucero Rojas October 6, 2015 at 12:16 pm Reply

        Jason do you know a brand of toothpaste that doesn’t contain flouride? And yes I am scared of doing or taking any other pills that I know will cause some sort of detox because I know I am going to feel it and probably get sick again for a while. I am keeping up w my liquid supplement that has the magnesium, calcium, coq10, vitamin c ,vitamin e, ala, vitamin b3,b6,b12, vitamin a, l-thianine, folate, and many more plus my probiotics and my fish oil pills. And about three weeks ago started w the ivs but didn’t know about the vitamin b. :(

        • Jason October 6, 2015 at 2:03 pm


          That is my favourite brand and flavour of toothpaste, I have tried many natural ones and even make my own (easy to do google it) from time to time but this one has almost all good ingredients (only one is questionable IIRC) and it foams up nice, cleans good, and lasts me a really long time.

          Folate is one of the the B Vitamins people have trouble with Gene issues, probably the main one so need to be careful here. Rene would advise against taking any Calcium, and it took me awhile to come around on it but I do agree not good for a Floxie and in fact most people. All the other things look good and are all important too. If you have a liquid sup that has a whole bunch of stuff in it and Calcium is only one in hopefully small amounts, I would be tempted to keep taking it for the other benefits

          I made some posts in the past about ALA, it is another one that caution is needed with, it is a Metal chelator and crosses the Blood Brain Barrier. People with Mercury fillings should NOT take ALA, ever, IMO from all the research I have done, as it can bring Metal from the body and/or mouth into the Brain. Even other people need to be careful with it, starting with small doses and working up.

        • Rene October 8, 2015 at 7:04 pm

          Natures Gate makes one without fluoride and a bunch of other yucky stuff.

    • Rene October 8, 2015 at 7:12 pm Reply

      You are may be better to just have vitamin c & or Magnesium drips….without the B vitamins.
      The forms of B12 matter….B6 P5P must also be limited as well as Folic acid & acitve folate till you have a very experienced professional about the entire methylation pathway. The rest of the B’s are fine….so instead of IV supplementation for those B Vitamins use oral where you can address that separately.

  4. Lucero Rojas October 6, 2015 at 8:23 am Reply


    This is the clinic am going to and my doctor is a toxicologist. He said be has 3 more floxies besides myself and has treated at least 3 or 4 more

  5. Jason October 6, 2015 at 11:18 am Reply

    As far as B vitamins, types, MTHFR and other Mutations, who should do what, etc Rene and I have a very in depth and long conversation about all this about 2 pages back here:


    Start at the 3rd post, then read every post down to about Rene’s post July 24, 2015 at 12:25 pm about 20% down the page. There is a lot of info there about all this stuff.

    There have been many past posts too about Brain Fog, Anxiety, Glutmate issues etc which are all tied together much of the time for Floxies, please see past pages including the one I just linked, lots of good and important info.

    • Lucero Rojas October 6, 2015 at 12:19 pm Reply

      I avoid all flouride water only spring water 3 L a day. No meat only organic chicken and turkey and alot of veggies. No fruits , bread, sweet of any kind, no salt, and seasoning only at times. Even changed my shampoos and body wash to sulfate free ones. I only put in magnesium cream at this time no cream of any other kind.

      • Jason October 6, 2015 at 2:18 pm Reply

        Well all these things you are doing may not “seem” to help but I can tell you they will indeed help, effects can be subtle and hard to notice and take time to show but the benefits are real. You are on the right track it seems, if you get ambitious and have some time go to bottom of the comments and click on “older comments”, and go back about 8 pages or so and then just start reading forward. TONS of good advice on everything Floxie related and even other health issues has been shared.

        • Lucero Rojas October 6, 2015 at 3:53 pm

          Folate is as the 5-mthf form in my liquid supplement @ 400 mcg is that better than regular folate?? My b vitamins are as riboflavin 5 phosphate, inositol hexanicotinate, p5p, methylcobalamin, benifotiamine usp, D-calcium pantohenate. It also has MSM, NAC, NALT, L-GLYCINE, INOSITOL, SELENIUM, MANGANESE, L-LYSINE, PHOSPOROUS, ZINC, FULVIC AND HUMIC ACID, BETAINE HCI, BORON, ELEMENTAL SILICA, GLUTAMINE (200 MG), MALIC ACID, MOLYBDENUM, PABA

        • Jason October 6, 2015 at 8:52 pm

          Wow that sounds like an awesome supplement overall. One other thing about Glutamine, again going back and read some of the past pages, just search the pages for “Glutamate” and you will see a lot of discussion there, it can cause Floxies a lot of anxiety, Brain Fog etc which is a real shame, because Glutamine in particular is one of the best things to help heal a Leaky Gut from Candida. 100mcg of Folate is a relatively small amount, I would imagine most people would do okay starting out with that much.

          As for the detoxigenomic profile unfortunately I am not familiar with it but so far from what you have been saying it seems you have found a fairly decent Doctor, at least he/she is concerned and knows about these things. I did a fast google search on the Internet about the test, it is looking at Genes but I can’t tell which ones. The link I put 2 posts about goes into a lot of detail about all the Genes, which are important etc

          Concerning methylcobalamin and an active form of Folate (5-) and people that have the MTHFR AND other mutations (its not just MTHFR that matters many others come into play) again please see my link in post 2 posts up to page 32 of the comments, Rene and I had a very long important discussion there about all of this. As I mentioned it is complicated unfortunately, there are no real easy answers, best thing to do is read all of that, then let me know if you still have questions.

          Essentially, people with the MTHFR and other Gene mutations need to be very careful with methylcobalamin and Folate especially, these 2 can be VERY troublesome, and can cause people some VERY BIG PROBLEMS. Rene knows this well, she took too much Folate before being ready for it, and it took her a YEAR to recover back to where she was before she took it.

          Its a VERY SERIOUS business, a lot of damage can be done, all people and especially Floxies should be careful about taking these 2 B-Vitamins in particular.

        • Lucero Rojas October 8, 2015 at 8:24 am

          Hi Jason I was wondering if you could help me with this. I believe I mentioned I was C677T homozygous. Doing the gluthathione push or iv could it affect me in anyway since it will be causing a detox? Also, do I need to be careful of what I eat for example the veggies I am eating or its ok to eat any type of veggies since they are in their natural form and the body can break them easily.

          Blessings Lucero

        • Jason October 8, 2015 at 8:12 pm

          Hi Lucero. I not sure gluthathione will actually cause any kind of detox. What gluthathione is, is the body’s most powerful antioxidant, this means it is the body’s strongest protection against toxins, free radicals and basically any kind of damage. I can’t recall reading anywhere that gluthathione would CAUSE a detox, in point of fact it is highly recommended to make sure your levels in body are high enough BEFORE STARTING a detox. All Antioxidants are important to protect the body during detoxification, and gluthathione is probably the most important.

          Rene is actually more experienced with the MTHFR Gene stuff but I do believe I recall Rene saying that for the most part people don’t need to worry about eating veggies, and in fact should be eating as many as possible since this is REAL food and full of vitamins and minerals (well, they have some, but not as many as they did 100 years ago…)

    • Lucero Rojas October 6, 2015 at 3:31 pm Reply

      Jason hi again. Yes my doctor told me that they can remove the b vitamins from the myers. He wants me to wait until we get the detoxigenomic profile test back. How will it help me w my genetic mutation? Will it indicate what i should take or not? For example the appropriate vitamins/minerals? I have folate in my liquid supplement it’s 100 or 150 mcg I believe. Is that ok? Is it too much? What genes should come up in the detoxigenomic profile test that I need to be focusing on? Thank you so much Jason!

    • Lucero Rojas October 6, 2015 at 3:35 pm Reply

      Jason I don’t have any mercury fillings and ala is in a very small amount in my liquid supplement. Calcium it’s my my liquid supplement but it’s like 400 mg and magnesium it’s 500 mg. Or i don’t know if it’s a 1:1 ratio.

  6. my sweet lord October 6, 2015 at 2:43 pm Reply

    Regenerating Nerves
    Few substances have been shown to regenerate nerves in humans with peripheral neuropathies. However, a study in the Journal of Neurological Science postulated that methylcobalamin could increase protein synthesis and help regenerate nerves. The scientists showed that very high doses of methylcobalamin produce nerve regeneration in laboratory rats.

  7. my sweet lord October 6, 2015 at 2:53 pm Reply

    Methylcobalamin is the most active form of vitamin B-12, and it is extremely important in folate chemistry and methylation processes. There are other forms of vitamin B-12; however, only methylcobalamin can be utilized in the central nervous system.

    • Lucero Rojas October 6, 2015 at 4:27 pm Reply

      Hi i have that form of b12 vitamin the methylcobalamin in my supplement. Is that better got ppl that have the MTHRF gene mutation?

      Blessings Lucero

  8. my sweet lord October 6, 2015 at 2:54 pm Reply

    Cyanocobalamin is the most common form of vitamin B-12 and is the form used in most vitamin supplements. The reason for cyano-cobalamin’s (cyanide molecule) presence in multivitamin supplements is its superb long-term stability and its relatively low cost. Cyanocobalamin is converted to methylcobalamin in the liver, but not in amounts that are considered significant. For this reason, many physicians are using very high doses of methylcobalamin. It is usually given subcutaneously, though some physicians are trying other routes of administration including oral administration.

  9. my sweet lord October 6, 2015 at 2:56 pm Reply

    pure powder would be the best way to go, no other ingredients to tolerate with.

  10. Linda Livingston October 6, 2015 at 9:22 pm Reply

    I came across a site that might be of interest to those who were dealing with mthfr mutations. It says “Vitamin C can boost your folate by 50%.” Anyhow here is the site http://alisonvickery.com.au/

    • Lucero Rojas October 7, 2015 at 7:09 am Reply

      Linda hi is that a good thing ? Boosting my folate by 50%? Is not dangerous?

      • Linda Livingston October 7, 2015 at 9:21 am Reply

        I really don’t know the answer to that—if it makes a difference if it is boosted naturally vs with supplements

        • Lucero Rojas October 7, 2015 at 9:28 am

          Linda what kind of makeup will you recomend one that is safe to use or doesn’t have much chemicals. I have been holding back on makeup most of the time since I got floxed. Am scared to put so many chemicals in my body or face.

        • Linda Livingston October 7, 2015 at 11:01 am

          as for toothpaste, the only lines I have heard of are weleda or jason, so can;t comment on others. I used Tom’s of Main fluoride free ( I think that is the most important thing to bear in mind. As for cosmetics and makeup, I didn’t wear any for months. I felt near death’s door and really didn’t care that I looked like Gollum. Now, I still only use moisturizer or sunscreen or Physician’s formula BB cream. There are some organic or healthy lines of makeup. I tried Mally (sp?) and it was just OK. I try to check everything out on the Environmental Working Group’s Skindeep site. You can look up products, or if they aren’t listed, put in the ingredients and you see ratings. I try to stay within the green ratings. http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/search.php

      • Rene October 8, 2015 at 6:57 pm Reply

        Hi Lucero,
        I would not take folate supplementation without educating yourself properly and having guidance with the whole subject from a professional who has experience with the methylation pathway. It is not solely a focus of the MTHFR it a relationship in that pathway of many other players which give insight into the matter of what genes and and where in the cycle there are vulnerabilities. Not everyone can handle methylcobalamin. The need for B12 may indeed be an issue but the form of B12 is also very much a detail that is crucial for supplementation. Hydroxy is mostly tolerated by all no matter which SNP you have….so you could use that. BLACK BEAR make an excellent spray. 2 sprays a day is all I need to get my needs met. It is 2 forms of B12. Adeno & Hydroxy which what I can tolerate. Methylcobalamin is to strong of a methyl donor.

        The folate question is a big one. Very complex. I became very very ill from taking active folate not understanding my SNP’s. There are things to address first to lay out a foundation before adding methyl donors…or you can get into a crisis. Again much lower doses than you would think are normal are what is appropriate for people with Methylation problems. MTHFR, CBS, MTR, MTRR, COMT, VDR, ACHY, BHMT….etc.

    • Lucero Rojas October 7, 2015 at 7:36 am Reply

      Linda I read it sound promising. I sent it to my doctor to see what he says hopefully it’s true and it is helping me breakdown my b’s properly and in won’t have any problems.

  11. Mark October 7, 2015 at 7:53 am Reply

    I’m going to my GP tonight because I’m still having pain on my right side that radiates to my back. As well as yellowish bowel movements. Really hoping it’s not anything serious that would require surgery (and possibly more antibiotics). I’m scared, guys :(

    • Lucero Rojas October 7, 2015 at 8:03 am Reply

      Hi Mark I am so sorry that you are in pain!!!! Sending you warm hugs and many blessings your way. I will keep you in my prayers and hopefully isn’t anything bad. Please hang in there it is just so hard I know but God is great and he will never leave us. Please keep us posted and hang in there.



      • jwinn October 7, 2015 at 8:25 am Reply

        Hi Mark, I, too, am praying for your healing! Hang in there!

    • tammyrenzi October 7, 2015 at 10:28 am Reply

      Hi Mark, I am glad you’re getting that checked out. It helped me to get things checked out just to rule out other things. They never did find anything but it made me feel like I could put my mind at ease. Initially, back in 2006, I had a lot of pain and it did go away. I am hoping that yours does too, and very soon!

  12. tammyrenzi October 7, 2015 at 8:31 am Reply

    Hello everyone! If you have a chance to tune into Dr Rick Hanson’s talk on The Mindfulness Summit today (October 7th), he talks about the benefits of meditation in healing. I know Lisa has practiced meditation, and I have found it helps me too – even a short amount of time per day. It is free, so if you have a chance to listen in, it might be helpful in your healing!



    • Lucero Rojas October 7, 2015 at 9:33 am Reply

      Hi Tammy

      How are you doing? Hope all is well and the healing continues. Sending many blessings your way.

      • tammyrenzi October 7, 2015 at 10:24 am Reply

        Hi Lucero!

        I am doing really good. While I did have a few weeks this month with a return of some symptoms, it is nothing like my initial floxing back in 2006, and it seems to be gone again. I went to the doctor and my Vitamin D levels are low, so I am going to supplement. I get all my nutrients from food except B12 (I am plant-based). I don’t like to take anything, so I am going to get out in the sun more and see if I can get my levels up that way. I live in Texas (I think you may too), so it was very hot this summer and I was only out for my morning 3 – 4 mile walk. I get up before the sun, so I’m sure I wasn’t getting enough sun! :)

        How are you? Thank you for your kind words!!

        • Lucero Rojas October 7, 2015 at 12:01 pm

          Happy to hear that you are getting back to feeling great again! Listening to stories like yours. Lisa, Linda, and many other I feel good. I am doing ok these past two weeks have been ok for me. I have started Myers 3 weeks ago twice a week together with my many supplements. I have been able to stay awake, have long and fluent conversation w my family and most importantly have been able to take my children w me twice or three times a week. I had missed them so much 😢 my parents have been helping my with my 4 yr old baby girl and my 22 month baby boy. What part of Texas are you from? I am from Laredo Texas

        • tammyrenzi October 7, 2015 at 12:30 pm

          Lucero, I am so glad to hear you are spending time with your children. It is so hard to believe those things will come back when we are first suffering, but things do get better. It is so wonderful to see you being so positive and encouraging for others. Life, for me, is much more beautiful now. I wish I could have learned that without taking Levaquin! :)

          I am originally from NY but have lived the past 17 years in Houston. The heat doesn’t help me, but I sure do love the rest of the year!

        • Lucero Rojas October 7, 2015 at 12:03 pm

          I hope soon too can take walks and have my children with me all week like before. I miss going for walks, for dinners, lunch, movies, trips w my family and children. Trusting God and my doctors that recovery will come in time.

        • Lucero Rojas October 7, 2015 at 2:24 pm

          Houston you are 6 hours away from Laredo! Yes the heat doesn’t help much I know I have live here in Laredo for the past 20 years I am originally from Tamaulipas Mexico. I am so happy to hear that life has changed so much for you and now you are finding happiness. I am hoping and waiting and have faith in the Lord and my doctors that soon I will have that same happiness and my life will come back to normal again. I miss it so much! My children, husband and family. I am doing everything I can to get better. Doing acupuncture, supplements, clean eating, just water 3 L a day, ivs, going to start color acupuncture next week, avoiding shampoo and body wash w sulfate, avoiding body creams just doing magenisum cream, haven’t taken any pills at all, went to have an ionic foot detox and also tried biomagnetism. Hopefully they will help in one way or another.

        • J October 8, 2015 at 5:58 am

          Tammy , how long did it take you to recover and get your life back? Did you do anything specific? Sorry if you have already answered this in earlier posts:)

  13. Lucero Rojas October 7, 2015 at 10:10 am Reply

    Which of these 10 brands will you all recommend? Need to change my toothpaste


    • Daniela October 7, 2015 at 3:21 pm Reply

      Hi Lucero, You can try the Asian or Indian market for toothpaste without fluoride. Also you can use coconut oil mixed with baking soda. And swish with coconut or olive oil your mouth afterwards for 10 mins.

      For makeup, you can make a powder out of cornstarch, potato starch, rice flour, mix in some cinnamon or cocoa for color. It takes a while to get the right mix. Many companies just use corn or rice starch, amidon, and you pay for it in a nice box !

      • Lucero Rojas October 7, 2015 at 3:49 pm Reply

        Hi Daniela sending warm hugs and best wishes your way. Thank you so much for your information will look for then in those markets. And will try to do tbe makeup to see how it goes :) how are you doing? How is your healing going I hope in God that is getting better and better everyday.

        • Daniela October 7, 2015 at 6:04 pm

          ¡ Hola Lucero ! Gracias y abrazos a tí igualmente. A mí me gusta la pasta del aceite de coco con el soda bicarbonato. Por el maquillaje, todavía no consigo confeccionar un bueno. También busco una buena receta de henné para mis cabellos.

          I like using a paste of baking soda and coconut oil. As for the makeup I havent been able to make a good one yet. Im also looking at recipes for henna to color hair.

          Suerte besos y abrazos

  14. Mike October 7, 2015 at 2:14 pm Reply

    Hi all…really looking for some hope here, I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this or not…but here goes:

    My story is long and complicated. The gist is that I took Cipro + Levaquin six years ago, had an adverse reaction that included a long list of symptoms, the main ones being intense head pressure and tendon problems in legs. I could barely walk for a stretch of time, taking little baby steps everywhere I went. My legs healed completely about 8-12 months later. My head pressure never went away, but I’ve learned to live with it and considered myself better. I didn’t invest in a lot of supplements. Ultimately it was time + diet.

    Since my legs healed I have become an avid runner, biker, weight lifter and all around fitness enthusiast. So, maybe that will give hope to some people dealing with their first reaction. My tendons healed, completely, and I was able to be extremely active with no issue whatsoever.

    However, I was stupid and took a corticosteroid three months ago. All of my original floxing symptoms came back almost immediately, once again the primary ones being head pressure (which is now worse than it ever was) and more leg problems, which are also worse. I can handle the head pressure. What is scaring me is the leg issue, because it does seem much worse this time and I’m worried that I won’t be able to recover again.

    Some points/questions:

    – Is there anyone out there who, like me, took a cortricosteroid years after a reaction and had all their symptoms return? I am frantically searching for a similar story, ideally a hopeful one that ends in their second recovery, but I can’t find anything. I am so scared that I’ve permanently screwed myself over.

    – I am doing all the necessary things (tons of magnesium, acupuncture, rest, clean diet, supplements, etc. I’m unfortunately a pro at this…)

    – BUT…I’m getting very nervous about my legs. I am three months out and they feel WORSE every day. With my first reaction my legs had steady progressive improvement, so something is different this time. I’m wondering if it’s actually true that athletes are hit harder, because I am much more physically fit now than I was during my initial floxing. six year ago. My calves and hamstrings feel extremely tight and sore, sharp pains in both Achilles, knees feel totally devoid of all cartilage and a weakness throughout my entire legs. I can’t stand for more than a few minutes at a time.

    – I’m ultimately looking for some insight as to whether or not I should be pushing myself on my legs? It’s my natural inclination to work them, but I’m not sure I should. If I have the choice between taking the stairs or the elevator, should I take the stairs because it would get blood flowing and promote healing? Or should I be resting them as much as possible to allow for healing?

    Please, anyone who has had the extreme soreness/tightness/weakness in legs, I would appreciate all and any input, ideally on the hopeful side. Yes, my legs did heal the first time and logic would say they will again….but there is nothing logical about any of this and I’m afraid my body won’t be able to do it a second time…


    • Lisa Bloomquist October 7, 2015 at 7:06 pm Reply

      Hi Mike,

      I’m really sorry for all that you’re going through! To be kicked down again by a corticosteroid…… that stinks, to say the least.

      I don’t know answers to all your questions, but hopefully others will chime in to fill the gaps that I leave.

      There is a fine line to strike with exercise. Exercise increases both oxidative stress and histamine. Right now, you’re likely dealing with an overload of both, so I would say that taking it pretty easy on the exercise is recommended. Prolonged inactivity has its own consequences though, so eventually you want to start moving again. I wish I knew what the timeline for resting and recovery for you is, but I just don’t know that. Swimming is an activity that helped me a lot. It’s low impact and there is something about being in the water that I found to be invigorating and helpful. I don’t recommend that you swim aggressively, but just moving in the water may help. I would focus on low-intensity exercises aimed at decreasing inflammation. Yoga is something that comes to mind – GENTLE yoga so as not to tear a tendon.

      Your knowledge that your body can heal from this, as it has done before, is valuable. I hope that this setback resolves itself as thoroughly as your earlier one did.

      Have you looked into low-dose naltrexone? It’s the only pharmaceutical that I’ve heard helps floxies. I’m not sure that it will help with your specific issues, but it may, and it may be something that is worth looking into and asking your doctor about.

      Are you taking any collagen supplements and/or eating bone broth? I suggest both.

      Melanie’s story is one of a recovery, relapse and another recovery – http://floxiehope.com/melanies-story-fq-toxicity-relapse/. Her symptoms were different from yours, but it’s still a situation where she recovered again. I hope her story helps you!

      Please let me know if you need any help.


      • Mike October 8, 2015 at 10:51 am Reply

        Hi Lisa,

        Thank you for your response. Yes, I am taking two different collagen supplements — a collagen protein powder and a pill form. I’m doing almost everything the “The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution” recommends, except the bone broth. I was hoping I could get the same benefits from the supplements.

        I haven’t heard of Naltrexone. I did a bit of research and it makes me a bit nervous to be honest. I went six years avoiding all drugs…and then when I thought I could tolerate them again and decided to be brave, I took the steroid and here I am. I can’t believe it.

        Are there many stories of Naltrexone healing people? I can’t seem to find any. Has it worked to repair tendon damage? Please let me know where I can find more info as it relates to Quinolone damage.

        • Lisa Bloomquist October 8, 2015 at 7:06 pm

          Hi Mike,

          I understand your reluctance to use any pharmaceuticals, and I feel the same way. I haven’t personally tried LDN, but it is one of the few pharmaceuticals I would consider using because it has helped some floxies. The main things that it has helped floxies with is pain relief and improving energy levels. It’s just something to consider, not something that I’m necessarily recommending.

          My tendons felt less painful and more supple when I started supplementing iron. The article that I go over in this post suggests that the mechanism for FQ-induced tendon problems is the chelation of iron from cells – http://floxiehope.com/2015/07/31/fluoroquinolones-deplete-iron-and-lead-to-epigenetic-changes/. Before supplementing iron, it’s important to get your levels checked.

          Best regards,

        • gayle October 9, 2015 at 12:39 am

          Hi Mike,
          Sorry to hear about your setback, I am still having issues with my legs, particularly knees and at times the insides of my elbows’ what collagen supplement do you use? This is something I haven’t yet tried. Are you in the UK?
          Kind regards Gayle

    • Linda Livingston October 7, 2015 at 7:24 pm Reply

      Well Mike, that sucks. I am so sorry. I did not take a steroid AFTER but I was given one at the same time as Cipro, which is why I think I was hit so hard. My issues are also somewhat different but include LOTS of nerve damage affecting breathing, olfactory, vision, and peripheral neuropathy. I also had excruciating pain, but in my back, however I did get electrical zaps in my legs, esp the knee area. What I would suggest for you is finding a naturopath or integrative doctor who does IVs. High dose vitamin /c helps immeasurably with rebuilding damaged collagen and wound healing. (There is a small % of the population that cannot do these IVs, but there is a blood test they do first.) Phosphatydilcholine is another IV that can help with nerve damage, if that’s involved, as well as (I am going to copy and paste from another site: “Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is a phospholipid that is one of the main components of lecithin. Lecithin is found in all cell membranes and plays a major role in maintaining the fluidity of the cell by affecting what enters and leaves the cell through the cell membrane. In the body, phosphatidylcholine is a major supplier of choline, which is a precursor to acetylcholine(1). Acetylcholine is an excitatory neurotransmitter essential to proper muscle, brain and nerve function.” (from gwcim.com—don’t know them but it was a good explanation.) That last part may be valuable for you. A number of us here are doing IVs so if you want to post the county you are in, you might be able to get a referral.

    • Linda Livingston October 7, 2015 at 9:05 pm Reply

      Also, I forgot to mention—GLUTATHIONE! I get it as a push with all my IVs (except H2O2). take a look at this site and scroll down to “Rob’s report”—I think it WILL give you hope! http://www.medicationsense.com/articles/jan_dec_08/toxicity070508.php

      • Lucero Rojas October 8, 2015 at 8:21 am Reply

        Hi Linda I was wondering and don’t know if you could help me with this. I believe I mentioned I was C677T homozygous. Doing the gluthathione push or iv could it affect me in anyway? Also, do I need to be careful of what I eat as well for example the veggies I am eating or its ok to eat any type of veggies since they are in their natural form.

        Blessings Lucero

        • Rene October 8, 2015 at 4:52 pm

          Hi Lucero,
          Don’t be worried about the Glutathione push. It is very safe, and frankly harmless. Your SNP is for the MTHFR gene……not related directly to the CBS mutation that is specific to how you handle “sulfur” based substances. Having said that- I do have the CBS mutation as well as others…..and the first 2- 3 Glutathione pushes were very beneficial for me. That was within the first 7 months of my injury which was severe….I could not walk or stand at the sink becuase of the peripheral neuropathy was extremely disabling & painful, as the tendons in foot and leg were profoundly injured. BUT…..I did enjoy the first 2- 3 Glutathione pushes and after that found that my response was less positive. I could just tell that my body didn’t want it, or need it…..so I then switched to using the LIFEWAVE patch – Y-AGE Glutathione patch. Bought on line from Lifewave – ships internationally. No required monthly purchase. One you become a member which I did right off the bat….I was able to order 2 months supply for a lower price which is great as I still use them. This is great cost savings for getting the support for the entire month/daily….versus just for a few hours the day of the push…..again I am not invalidating the value of an “push”…but not always practical to keep up with cost…or needed routinely. All of these considerations are very personal for each of us to weigh and learn what is the best fit for one’s self.

          In Europe Lifewave can be reached: Tel: +353 91 874 600

          You can use my membership ID # 772008
          or just set up your own.

          Y-Age Glutathione™

          Mejora la salud en general
          Refuerza el sistema inmunitario,
          Favorece la eliminación de las toxinas acumuladas
          Ayuda a reducir la aparición de las arrugas y líneas de expresión*


        • Lucero Rojas October 8, 2015 at 8:59 pm

          Hi Rene thank you so much for your kind reply and your help. Really appreciate it. How are you doing? hope in God you are getting better everyday. Sending you warm hugs and best wishes.

        • Lucero Rojas October 8, 2015 at 9:01 pm

          How far out are you? How is your healing going? I am still scare of trying different types of detox because of the effects that they can have on me or my body. It’s just scary. I am having Meyer’s iv but today they took out the VB’S since I have the homozygous gene for C677T and I was told that we can’t break down tbe b vitamins properly.



        • Linda Livingston October 8, 2015 at 9:14 pm

          I am not at all familiar witth the c677t…I just know that most floxies really need glutathione. our body makes it but it gets depleted by the flq and it is so important for many reasons, not the least of which is detoxification. I get a push of it with almost every IV I get. I think it sounds like your ND is aware of what you can or cannot assimilate, since he/she took the Bs out of your Myers. As for veges, go organic when you can.

      • Mike October 8, 2015 at 10:53 am Reply

        Hi Linda — thank you so much for your response. I have considered glutathione and I actually do take it in a pill form. I’ve read that it’s not absorbed very well that way, and that IV may be best. Honestly it scares me a bit…I’m worried I would react badly, but I may give it a shot…

        • Linda Livingston October 8, 2015 at 10:57 am

          Mike, from what I have heard from two different NDs glutathion in pill form is just a waste of money because it can’t breach the cell wall. You might want to start with a “push” which is like getting a shot of it instead of an IV. I understand your fear. When I got floxed I was on inhaled steroids for asthma. I was already having non lung related breathing problems, and the thought of an asthma attack on top of that was unthinkable. I was told by my ND that he wanted me to do H2O2 IVs and I was terrified. Well, after about my 6th one I started weening off my asthma meds. I have now been off them for over 4 months, with no problems. SOmetimes you just have to take a leap of faith. It helped that I really trust my ND

      • Mike October 8, 2015 at 10:54 am Reply

        PS, Linda, may I ask what your recovery timeline has looked like? How far out are you? What has gone away? You mentioned leg and knee problems — have they stopped? Have the IVS made a huge, noticable difference in your recovery?

        • Linda Livingston October 8, 2015 at 11:12 am

          I am almost 8 months out. When I first went to the ND, after a couple months of NO help (and getting worse thanks to a lot of drs who only wanted to do more and more tests) I had to be helped to walk. I could only “shuffle,” bent over, very slowly. In addition to horrific, almost suffocating-like breathing problems, I had hyperosmia (olfactory nerve damage that made ALL scents asphyxiating), blurred vision, horrific midback pain that felt like it was buried deep in the bone, numb fingers and toes, spasming fingers, nerve damage in the neck that went b/t numb and choking, urinary pressure, the knee zaps as well as some in the hip, 30 lb weight loss and ravaged GI system, insomnia (zero hours for weeks, then 1 or 2 hours even with a sleeping pill), fatigue and just the most unwell I have ever felt in my life—worse than double pneumonia. (I am probably leaving stuff out.) So, I would say within 2 months of twice weekly IVs, one of the first things to go was the excruciating pain. The numbness in my fingers subsided a great deal as well as the spasming fingers, although not completely. The zapping in the knee and hip were probably the next to go, although I still get an ocassional one. Within about 4 months of IVs the breathing got better , but I still have problems in that area. They hyperosmia (exaggerated sense of smell, which was brutal) is about 90% gone, although now I have phantom smells of cigarette smoke that still come and go. I had to be driven to all my appointments for the first 4-5 months, and started driving myself a couple months ago. I went from bedridden, to moving around with help, to now taking walks everyday. I still have blurred vision in one eye, the weird neck nerve thing comes and goes. Still have GI issues, and seemed to have developed sensitivies to a LOT of stuff, but have regained enough weight to put me in a good range. I am told I looked twenty years older at my worst from where I look now. So, yeah, I think the IVs have made a HUGE difference in my recovery. Before I started them I was just continuing a downward spiral.

        • sian October 8, 2015 at 2:12 pm

          Linda, did you also loose all your muscle mass? I have done, and lost loaaads of weight, almost 30 pounds too and I wasn’t overweight to start off with. Can you recommend anything for weight gain? X

        • Linda Livingston October 8, 2015 at 8:18 pm

          It was like my entire backside fell off. My butt—gone, the back of my legs—gone. Even my back. Yeah, a lot of muscle loss. (My back is still bony. I was to an accupuncturist who tried to do cups on my back, and out of 6 only 2 stayed on! Nothing to hold on to.) Getting the weight back on was made more difficult by the fact that I was having such horrible breathing problems—it was hard to get air in, let alone food. I pretty much LIVED on smoothies. I used protein powder that was organic, dairy free. I used avocados, coconut oil and almond butter. I went through a jar of almond butter a week; an avocado a day. I was so underweight my ND just wanted me to gain, so I even had (when I could eat) potatoes and sweet potatoes smothered in organic butter. I used organic juices, like pineapple or mango. They are high in sugar, so I no longer use them—just almond or coconut milk, but at the time I was desperate for calories. You can add a tablespoon of coconut oil a day to the smoothies—it’s a good fat and adds some calories. I used 2 tbl of amond butter and half an avocado, a banana and some fruit. Once I was able to eat regular food, I tried eggs, gluten free toast, organic chicken,etc. Today, I have developed so many sensitivies I have had to cut out a lot of foods I used to eat, but that’s what I did when i was too underweight.

        • sian October 9, 2015 at 12:29 am

          Linda, I have exactly the same, my bum dissapeared :(
          In fact your reaction and mine seem very similar.
          So it gives me hope that you are improving x

        • sian October 9, 2015 at 2:27 am

          Linda, I am very much like you, no butt, no meat on my legs, just bone and skin…also the breathing issue….and looooads more…
          Can I ask which IV helps improve your breathing?

        • Jason October 8, 2015 at 8:24 pm

          Hi Mike. Are you spraying Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil on your legs? Because if you are not, IMO this is one of the most important things a Floxie with legs injuries can do, really all Floxies should be doing. The Fluorine in the Cipro drug robs the body of Magnesium and causes all kinds of problems in Muscles and Tendons. Also note what Lisa wrote above, that apparently it chelates iron out of the body too (first I heard of this).

  15. Joe O October 7, 2015 at 5:16 pm Reply

    Hi All,

    Has anyone experienced spinal bone spurs among the many side effects of cipro? About 4 or 5 weeks after taking a 3-day course of cipro I had an xray of the back in connection with another medical problem and the doctor reviewing the xray results expressed surprise at the large number of bone spurs all along my spinal column. So I was left wondering whether these spurs were pre-existing or were triggered by cipro. And by the way, spurs can potentially cause or contribute to back or leg or neck pains, etc. if they happen to press on associated nerves.


    • Lisa Bloomquist October 7, 2015 at 7:13 pm Reply

      Hi Joe,

      I’m so sorry to hear about the spinal bone spurs!

      I haven’t specifically hears of cipro triggering spinal bone spurs. However, fluoroquinolones do trigger all sorts of musculoskeletal problems, so it may be possible that it triggered, or contributed to, the bone spurs. Most of the documented musculoskeletal problems with fluoroquinolones are tendon and cartilage problems. Patients report lots of muscle problems too. I haven’t heard of many bone problems. But if we assume that the tendon and cartilage problems are from mineral depletion, it certainly makes sense that bones could be adversely affected too. :(

      As with most fluoroquinolone toxicity symptoms, establishing causality is difficult.

      I hope that the spurs don’t press on your nerves and cause you pain.

      Did the doctor have any recommendations for next steps?


      • Joe O October 8, 2015 at 7:50 pm Reply

        Hello Lisa,

        Thank you for your kind words and insights. As with most back pain issues, my doctor recommended physical therapy first, with surgery as a last option if everything else fails.

        Thanks again,

  16. Missy October 7, 2015 at 5:49 pm Reply

    I took 2 rounds of Cipro and 1 round of doxycycline in a 2 month period and have been battling all kinds of problems since then. I have been to numerous doctors and they can’t find anything wrong. When I mention a reaction to Cipro they said it is not possible. I have ringing in the ears, sharp pain in my head, brain fog and gastro issues so bad I don’t know where to start. I have lost 22 lbs in 6 weeks. I don’t what to do.

    • Daniela October 7, 2015 at 6:11 pm Reply

      This is the same story as mine ! My advice is try to take it as easy as possible. One good thing is that for those of us badly affected by brain fog, we dont walk too much, so we tend not to get any tendon rupture! But remember to do some very soft stretching on the floor exercises to keep good blood flow.
      For me, my headaches were caffeine withdrawal because I wasnt working anymore, wasnt drinking it, found it bothered me so I suddenly stopped, etc. I hope that sharp pain in your head is from the same reason, and if you keep off caffeine it will go away.
      Gastro was helped by not eating any wheat or grains whatsoever. For some reason, that helps a lot ! Sweet potato and banana are good substitions and put the weight back on. At a certain point I had to cut back on even those starches, but at the beginning they were helpful.

      • Lucero Rojas October 7, 2015 at 9:52 pm Reply

        Hola Daniela! No sabia que hablabas espanol. Que bien. De donde eres? Como estas? Pido a Dios que tu mejoria sea a diario y puedas recuperar tu salud totalmente. Hi Daniela! Didn’t know you speak Spanish. Where are you from? How are you? I hope that your healing js constant and you get your health back 100%.

        Warm hugs


        • Daniela October 8, 2015 at 3:26 pm

          Hola Lucero, soy puertorriquena, vivo en carolina con muchos mexicanos, muy buena gente :)
          Cuidate y te espero todo lo bueno que hay en el mundo. Que Dios nos bendiga :) :)

        • Lucero Rojas October 8, 2015 at 8:49 pm

          Daniela muchas gracias e igualmente! Mira que bien yo visite las Carolinas hace unos anos atras cuando visitaba a mi hermano que estaba en la militar. Te mando muchos saludos, bendiciones, y la mejor vibra del mundo y le pido a Dios para tu pronta recuperacion.

    • Lisa Bloomquist October 7, 2015 at 7:24 pm Reply

      Hi Missy,

      I’m so sorry for what you’re going through! Your symptoms sound pretty typical for fluoroquinolone toxicity. It is immensely frustrating, to say the least, that tests show that nothing is wrong when things are clearly wrong. It made me realize how inadequate the tests are. And of course your symptoms are related to the cipro, all of them are documented in either the warning label or the articles on the Links & Resources page.

      As far as places to start, I recommend reading through the recovery stories on this site. They all have a lot of great advice in them. The ebook, The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution, has a lot of supplement advice in it, and it has helped many floxies.

      Most people are helped by supplementing magnesium. Transdermal magnesium chloride tends to be tolerated best.

      One thing that helped me immensely was taking a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class. I’m sure that any meditation class will have similar benefits. The mind, emotions and soul are important elements in healing.

      Bone broth may help your gut to begin to heal. Probiotic foods may help too. Many probiotic foods are high in histamines though, and if they make you feel bad, avoiding them is okay.

      Take a look through the comments on this site too. There is a lot of good advice in the comments.

      Hang in there, and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


    • Linda Livingston October 7, 2015 at 7:28 pm Reply

      welcome to the “cipro couldn’t do that” club. I was told that by 11 doctors. hopefully in the very near future, they will be educated. I lost 30 lbs in two months and still have GI issues 8 months later, but I regained half the weight. Be very careful NOT to have any fluoride, and read over earlier posts for things you can do to help you.

    • Rene October 8, 2015 at 6:35 pm Reply

      Hi Missy,
      Gosh we are all sorry to hear that you too have been injured by Cipro. So let me just cu to the chase and give you some information of things you need to pay attention to an use for nutrient support and things to avoid.

      WE are all ages, sizes, and weights here. Most everybody around the Globe who has been harmed by these drugs has benefited and NEEDS to get Magnesium “into the Cells”. That means you. Do not underestimate the recommendations here or what others and I suggest.
      This drug Chelates/ strips magnesium out of the cells…. MAGNESIUM is needed for 700 different processes in the body. The entire muscle skeletal system.

      That means, Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, All soft tissue…also needed for the Heart, which is a MUSCLE! The NERVOUS SYSTEM, Blood Sugar Balance, BRAIN – Serotonin…. The list is very very long. You cannot get MAGNESIUM “INTO” the Cells unless you get “MAGNESIUM OIL SPRAY” and apply it to your body. This form of Magnesium is: Magnesium Chloride, which is a very effective way to get magnesium “inside” the cells and rapidly. You can buy it online From Ancient Minerals.
      Making your own spray is super easy and economical!
      It may tingle, or sting when first applied after 5 minutes or so…. that is normal. Just skin sensitivity. This will likely diminish after the first week or so of daily application. Apply anywhere from 8- to 20 sprays to your LIMBS ie. (The length of the limb including wrists and ankles & Hips, lower back sacral area)…these large surface areas are best. The delicate skin of the sides of neck may be sensitive…that is normal.

      If it burns to the point that you are in pain then of course by all means rinse off in the shower or just get a warm wash cloth and wipe of the residue. This is easily done. It is NOT an oil…. though the name suggests that it is. It is water, w/ Magnesium Chloride. Wash you hands after so your palms wont get dry. You may wish to wipe off the excess salty residue with a warm washcloth too. Wait 30 minutes or longer for complete absorption before wiping or rinsing off. You do not have to rinse off or wipe it off, but the first couple weeks can be helpful, while the skin is acclimating to absorbing. The residue can be drying at first.

      If you feel relaxed great….if you feel lethargic or woozy…..decrease & back off dosage. To just half or less of what you were using. Remember to Count out the # of Sprays! This is so you can measure your right dosage for you.

      This is the # One thing you should start doing for yourself.
      AVOID all over the counter meds, and prescribed meds. ADVIL, IBUPROFEN, STEROIDS, ARE A BIG NO NO!

      They are NOT to be used. Will exacerbate the already severe issues caused by these drugs.
      I have copied & pasted older post I wrote, pardon the repetition where you find it.

      ORAL Magnesium – “Magnesium Citrate” -400 mg daily.
      Natural Calm is an excellent brand. It is Ionic powdered form. Amazon on line or Vitamin Shoppe, or IHERB are great resources for purchasing supplements.

      Do NOT take Magnesium Glycinate.

      Why You ask?
      Regarding Magnesium “GLYCINATE”: ——————————————————————
      The glycinate form has the risk of being issue for those with Neurological issues such as anxiety, sleeplessness, jumpy thoughts, tired but wired, lack of calm…being that glycinate can be a factor for the balance in the brain between GABA & GLUTMATE.

      You do not want to increase “glutamate” because it is stimulating…Glycinate is a risk in contributing glutamate. In fact it is a form of “glutamate” and therefore stimulation in excess, contributes profoundly to the anxiety…sleeplessness, tired and wired…etc. We are not designed to handle this regardless of the FDA’s approval of artificial sweeteners, aspartame, and “natural flavors”…MSG…. Hydrolyzed yeast and protein, or Autolysed yeast or protein….

      ALL of these chemicals ramp up glutamate in the brain….over stimulation causing neurons to over fire….burn out, and die. FDA and the food Corporations at there finest.

      Flouroquinolones disrupt this balance quite markedly for many…by interfering with the Gaba receptors… which are calming neurotransmitters…hence without that clear signaling you have “glutamate” stimulating and no Gaba to put on the breaks.

      “Gaba supplementation” is helpful but not without eliminating the contributions of glutamate that are artificial additives in the diet. Veg caps are important as they are Not made form Gelatin another glutamate exposure

      L-Glutamine is very helpful to rebuild the gut lining… however it is extremely deleterious when supplemented for those with GABA & Glutamate issues. Same thing with Whey… which can really be an issue for those with glutamate issues. Glutamic Acid found in many vitamin formulas can also be problematic. ….. I am one of those individuals. I do have, Gaba / glutamate & folate issues, methylation issues. Because of this possibility for others it is best to proceed conservatively with the bio-chemicals that tend to be with the least potential issues.

      1) L-Theanine…it can help balance some of the anxiety you are experiencing from lack of Gaba…leaving you with too much Glutamate unopposed. Cipro affects the Gaba receptors in the Brain. 200 mg am – 200mg pm not more than that. I use at bedtime as needed. Purchase L- Theanine Brand that only ingredient is L-Theanine and nothing else. Some brands add Calcium. NO supplemental Calcium should be used.

      Do NOT take any “supplemental” CALCIUM. This will make things worse regarding Brain Health – for those of us with Anxiety, feeling tired and wired, lack of calm in our thinking and mood. Wired & tired & pain issues. This also applies to autistic children. What we share in common is an issue with balance between Glutamate & Gaba in the Brain. Will WORSEN NERVE PAIN.

      ALSO need to AVOID! MSG, Hydrolyzed or Autolysed Yeast, Natural Flavors. And high glutamate foods like BEETS, Legumes, which will “ramp up” the Glutamate in the Brain without Gaba to oppose it and keep things in check/balance.

      2) OMEGA 3 – Fatty Acids. BRAIN – inflammation – “Nordic Naturals” – makes excellent quality brand. Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon, IHERB can buy from on line. Quality matters.
      This is also a CNS – Central Nervous System – injury. 3000 mg daily = 2 caps 2x day. I take a total of 5 per day.

      3) Phosphatidylserine –
      Helpful for the cell membrane to keep it fluid, and able to absorb and detox waste/Brain needs this

      4) Ubiquinol – The active form of “COQ10″ for “energy production of the cell”, supportive for the mitochondria.

      5) GABA veggie cap only! This can help supplement the need you have…for Gaba. (Remember the over stimulation of hyper thought processes and not being able to sleep tired & wired.

      Just to clarify, everything that I wrote to you is not arbitrary or general….the forms which each supplement are in, is for a reason. ORGANIC FOOD as much as possible!!! I also want you to know that what you have described is not unique to you…. You are not a freak, or weird, shocking, as it seems there are thousands upon thousands who have been injured by this class of drugs.

      Fluoroquinolones are “chemotherapeutic drugs” being used as antibiotics. This information is easy to find but with held from the medical community as a whole with the full knowledge of the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies. It is a complete disgrace that this has continued for 20 years!! Knowingly profiting off from maiming the public.

      I encourage you to feed your ears, eyes, and thoughts with all things that are of love, joy, laughter, and worth your precious life. Skip the ugly; television programming that offers little to inspire or uphold that life is worth anything at all. You need all that can support you and provide nourishment for your spirit and healing form these injuries. We are designed to heal, and the medical establishment seems to believe otherwise…. and so they base their decisions on suppression of symptoms…with their drugs…which create illness after illness.
      God Bless

      PS. I was injured in 2010….I struggled a lot to get through the first 2 years….but I did get better and continually so, but it is was very harsh those first 12 months. I only say this to encourage you to have a great deal of patience and faith no matter how much you are suffering. Many of us with harsh war stories if you will have recovered substantially. We are reaching out to help those that have had to walk in our shoes so to speak.

  17. my sweet lord October 7, 2015 at 7:56 pm Reply

    Everyone will recover, but it is slow and the more you read about others stories and things they tried will help you establish your personal recovery program. The key is to take it easy at the beginning, everything should be done on a slow and gentle basis, the body has an amazing ability to recover, may god bless you all. I personally suggest to investigate methycobalamin natural b12, it has been proven to regenerate nerve tissue, but the dosage should be tailored to your own needs.

  18. my sweet lord October 7, 2015 at 8:04 pm Reply

    Mike you will recover, but i suggest to not push yourself too much. Do gentle stretching exercises lying down and lots of deep breathing.

    Joe, magnesium citrate helps dissolve bone spurs.

    But remember folks, healing for floxies is a bit longer than it is for normal people.

    Everyone will recover, your body has an amazing ability to recover, eating the right foods and studying supplements and how they work, always take supplements in pure form, I buy capsules and open them up to take the powder. Coatings on pills and caplets are toxic.

  19. sian October 8, 2015 at 3:05 am Reply

    Hello everybody!
    I just wanted to ask if anybody knows if I can go straight to a post without having to read all the other posts as this causes me a lot of anxiety…
    For example, if I want to know which antibiotics people have used safely post-floxing…
    Thanks for your help x

    • Lisa Bloomquist October 8, 2015 at 7:45 am Reply
      • sian October 8, 2015 at 7:56 am Reply

        Thanks very much Lisa! Is there something similar for anesthetics at dentists? I have to go next week and want to go as informed as possible. Thank you again xxx

        • Lisa Bloomquist October 8, 2015 at 8:03 am

          Most people do fine with local anesthesia (novicaine), general anesthesia is a mixed bag – some do fine with it but some don’t, avoid fluoride, don’t have excess work done. That’s my advice. Others may chime in.

          Getting a lifewave glutathione patch may help you to deal with any oxidative stress you encounter.


        • Linda Livingston October 8, 2015 at 9:19 am

          Sian, I was going to post and Lisa said it better than I could have. I would only second her suggestion about trying a non-chemical antibiotic first, and if you see a naturopath or integrative doctor, they can steer you in that direction. The other thing re novacaine, I can’t find it now, but I needed to have work done in the middle of my worst floxing and was advised against novacaine. However, if you find a holistic dds, they use methods and substances that are not as toxic as a regular dentist. I lucked out and found the most incredible holistic dentist who was so supportive of me. She actually only ended up costing just a tad more than a regular dentist (and less than some). You want to look for someone who is Huggins trained. http://www.hugginsappliedhealing.com/find-dentist.php

        • sian October 8, 2015 at 10:33 am

          Hi Linda
          Thanks so much. Yes, I will obviously try the natural route first but it keeps my anxiety levels down to know that if I finally need to resort to antibiotics there might be some that are less harmful.
          The problem is that where I live there are no holistic dentists so I have to go to my regular one. He is very good and has done some work on me since floxing without anesthetic, but I fear this next thing he will need anesthetic for. My teeth have been completely damaged by Levaquin.
          The other day I read a post somebody had written about which anesthetics had been tolerated ok by floxies but I can’t find it and looking through all the posts makes me terribly anxious. I am 7 months out barely walking and being so scared is not helping xx

        • Linda Livingston October 8, 2015 at 10:39 am

          yeah, I definitely “feel your pain.” When I I lost a crown and couldn’t chew, I was in the midst of extreme anxiety, horrific breathing problems, a 30+ pound weight loss and just barely able to shuffle across the room. Are you seeing an ND or an integrative doctor? They might be a good source for this information.

        • sian October 8, 2015 at 10:50 am

          Linda, I go to an accupuncturist who is also a nurse and has studied PNI.
          And now I have started going to a traditional doctor but she is extremely open to everything. She has not doubted a word I said and is investigating in her own time, so I’m happy with that.
          I live in a town in Spain and I would have to travel to the city for those doctors and I don’t feel up to it xx

  20. Mike October 8, 2015 at 10:58 am Reply

    Hi again all,

    I’m wondering if anyone else here has had success with MitoQ, as mentioned in Brett’s story: http://floxiehope.com/bretts-story-levofloxacin-toxicity-and-recovery/

    It seems like it’s totally cured him, I’m surprised I haven’t seen more stories of people who have tried it. Has anyone else tried it with positive results….or have other people tried it with no improvement whatsoever? Interested especially to know if it’s helped anyone with tendon issues.


    • tricia October 8, 2015 at 2:56 pm Reply

      Hi Mike,
      I did try the mito Q and need to re-order more. I felt it helped my stamina a lot, and if you read Ruth’s recovery story that has helped her substantially :) good luck and take care

    • Rene October 8, 2015 at 4:18 pm Reply

      Hi Mike,
      I have not used it myself, however one of the supports needed are for the Kreb’s cycle and Mitochondrial support are typically “Ubiqinone’ which is the nonactive form of COQ10. In that it has to be converted into ” Ubiquinol”.

      The supplement you are referring to: is binding the form of Co Q10 called ubiquinone, to a fat soluble, positively-charged molecule. Their claim is that: This positively charged molecule is able to flow directly into the mitochondria and through the normally impermeable inner membrane to end up deep inside the mitochondria.

      Well, this opens the discussion of what that “fat soluble molecule” is?
      To keep the “membrane” nicely flexible and able to function you need phosphatidylserine & Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylinositol, phosphatidylethanoiamine, Linolenic acid, Oleic acid. So it is likely a combination of those.

      I take Ubiquinol Separately from these fats. The product in question may be indeed excellent support.

      If the price is too high you may want to consider purchasing from Jarrow their Ubiquinol form of COQ10. The dosage being 100 mg 2x’s per day. or 200mg 2X’s per day…..depending on the individual. The lowest therapeutic dose is always best. More is not necessarily better. The body may need it the support but at 100mg per day….and that is totally appropriate and meaningful so be reasonable if you do not have tests verify mitochondrial damage and or based on your experience with taking it during day light hours over a period of a week or so.

      God Bless,

      • sian October 8, 2015 at 10:54 pm Reply

        Hi Rene
        I was going to start taking Ubiquinol but I read somewhere that Ubiquinone has a something related to Quinolones (even the name resembles it a bit) and I read about some people affected by this, so I am afraid to try it. Have you ever heard or read anything about this?

        • Rene October 9, 2015 at 1:38 am

          No it not the same thing at all. Every cell needs COQ10 for the Krebs cycle. Which is why Statin drugs are so dangerous, and set people up to have a heart attack. The deplete the cells of COQ10 which means not enough energy within the cell! Then inhibiting the production of cholesterol, causes dementia….as the brain is made of cholesterol as are many of the hormones that are necessarily for balance and the immune system.

          COQ10 is Ubiquinol.

      • Linda Livingston October 8, 2015 at 11:09 pm Reply

        I also have been taking the jarrows ubiquinol, the form recommended esp for those over 40, who have a more difficult time converting the coq10. (I think dr mercola or one of the other online docs talks about it extensively.)

      • sian October 9, 2015 at 12:32 am Reply

        Rene, I have been taking Magnesium Bisglicinate as I was told this was the best one for its relaxing properties, but now you are saying it’s not good for people with anxiety issues so I’m very confused.
        Can I ask where you found the info for me to look into it.
        Thaaanks x

        • Rene October 9, 2015 at 1:30 am

          The science is complex, and I have posted about this in the past. The most simple answer is if you are having anxiety then best to eliminate potential contributors to increasing glutamate. This has do do with conversion of glycine in the pathway that effect Glutamate.

          These details can be very meaningful for those floxed or otherwise with anxiety or panic attacks, and trouble with sleep, or racing thoughts, heart, feeling wired and tired, emotionally sensitive.

  21. Dan October 8, 2015 at 12:35 pm Reply

    I’m one of the lucky ones that caught my issue early. The Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution Ebook was a huge help to me. Read the book if you’re suffering and follow their recommendations, especially around magnesium and D3 it was a huge help.

    • Tammy R October 8, 2015 at 12:43 pm Reply

      Thank you, Dan! I recently tested low in D3, and it’s so good to know. I appreciate you letting us know!

  22. my sweet lord October 8, 2015 at 1:00 pm Reply

    Ultra-high dose methylcobalamin promotes nerve regeneration in experimental acrylamide neuropathy.

    • Linda Livingston October 8, 2015 at 1:23 pm Reply

      just looked at my b supplement and it has the low dosage of 50. what’s odd is that the lower dose in the study was worse off than the saline!

  23. my sweet lord October 8, 2015 at 3:30 pm Reply

    In conclusion, our results showed that methylcobalamin does indeed enhance the recovery of peripheral nerve repaired in end-to-side configuration.

    • tammyrenzi October 8, 2015 at 6:59 pm Reply

      Hello all, I take MyKind Organics Vegan Methylcobalamin spray. My B12 levels have been good the last few times I had them tested.

  24. my sweet lord October 8, 2015 at 4:25 pm Reply

    i ordered a bottle of this today, it was diificult to find capsules, since i avoid any and all fillers and or addtitives.
    i open he capsules and take the powder with water. i´m currently battling myralgia parestethica and i am sure this will help me.


    • J October 8, 2015 at 6:07 pm Reply

      Tammy- was your recovery long? You said you had pain. Was it nerve pain? Sounds you are fully recovered?

      • tammyrenzi October 8, 2015 at 6:53 pm Reply

        Hi J! My recovery was pretty long. It is a long story, but the short version is that I took Levaquin in 2006 and the most severe of my symptoms lasted about six months. After that, it took me about a year and a half to “completely” heal. By that, I mean I really didn’t think about my symptoms as they were almost non-existent. I had a relapse last fall (2014) but it was no where near as severe as the first and lasted four months. I had the relapse because I started to run. I was walking five miles a day and lifting 15 lb arm weights and thought I could up my fitness routine. I hadn’t run for exercise in over 20 years, and the intensity was too much.

        During my initial floxing, the nerve pain was severe. My relapse had some too but nowhere near the intensity.

        That said, I healed again and only just recently had a little bit of vibrating in my lower spine paired with some brain fog and insomnia. It’s very bearable and I am still walking 3 – 4 miles a day, working, and loving life. It may take a while to heal, but you can! I was so scared at first, but now I know I can deal with anything that comes my way.

        My email is tamrenzi@gmail.com if you want to ask me further questions. I would be happy to answer them!

        • Jason October 8, 2015 at 9:03 pm

          Glad to hear you are doing well Tammy. It is VERY common for Floxies to relapse after rigorous exercise, even many years later as you have as this releases stored up toxins in the body back into the blood stream. The only way to avoid this is to try and purge them all as much as possible during initial Floxing, there is no guarantee it will work and not everyone is in a good enough condition to even try this but this is what I did and I’m hoping for no future relapses. (In fact, I purposely gave myself relapses during my Floxing, anytime my symptoms were fairly minimal, gone or under control I would do things to flare them all back up again, I only want to go through this once…. After awhile, the relapses themselves were very very minimal, which said to me that most of the Cipro toxins, are gone, hopefully…Now I can’t bring on any symptoms any more even when I try, I only have one remaining symptom that comes and goes, which is Tinnitus [I real bugger to get rid of apparently, some never do, it can last for many years])

          Things everyone should know that can cause relapse:

          – Rigorous Exercise: Like running, Soccer, etc basically hard impact stuff where body is making a hard impact on ground (shakes things loose). This is one of the most common things to cause a relapse.

          – Sauna: This also will start the body detoxing things deeply stored, even Metals

          – Supplements: Certain ones that mobilize toxins, even Minerals can do this as they displace things like Metals (Zinc in particular can do this)

          – Aggressive Massage: This one surprised me but of yeah, a strong pair of hands can release toxins I experienced it myself

          – Fluoride/Fluorine: Really this is a re-poisoning/relapse. I believe all Floxies are now more sensitive to this toxin unfortunately post-Flox and need to be extra careful to avoid it. Fluoride is one of the most reactive substances on Earth, there is no telling what that Fluorine in the Cipro did when it went into your body (it reacts, binds with many things like Magnesium for one, Calcium, and more) but one thing seems certain, if you ingest just a little bit, it will go into the body and get stored in the same places where the old Fluorine and Cipro is, if there is some left, and it will likely react with and mobilize them all over again causing a relapse. I experienced this several times and others have too. I also experienced my symptoms dissipate a great deal when I was in another Country and away from my Fluoride shower I have everyday at home, others have also experienced this. This is a big one folks.

          – Coffee: See Fluoride, I experienced this myself about 5 different times (stubborn…though one time was an accident) and this is with DE-CAF! (sry Linda and other Coffee lovers, Coffee is unfortunately high in Fluoride)

          – Steroids: Not sure but this is probably a re-poisoning of sorts that likely reacts with the Cipro toxins in body, re-activating them like Fluoride (mobilizing them)

          – NSAIDS: Another re-poisoning that likely reacts with the Cipro toxins in body

          Likely there are more too, but these are some of the main culprits (or desired mechanisms if you are trying to purge the toxins on purpose)

        • Jason October 8, 2015 at 9:06 pm

          – DRUGS: Yeah can’t forget that one, most if not all are pure toxins, many will react with the other chemicals stored in the body, especially if they have Fluorine in them, which a lot of them do. Be careful folks

  25. my sweet lord October 8, 2015 at 6:53 pm Reply

    Sian i found something you can look into, it´s allimax. It is a concentrated allicin product, allicin is the antibiotic molecule in garlic. it is natural and very effective along with vitamin c and bioflavonoids you should not encounter any problems when you see the dentist.


  26. my sweet lord October 8, 2015 at 6:54 pm Reply

    Research suggests that adding a high-quality Allicin is designed to help maintain a healthy natural defense system to your diet may provide individual health benefits. Allicin, the primary active agent generated by garlic is being used for general well being and is supported through extensive research.

    British scientists have developed a proprietary process through which the naturally occurring Allicin in garlic is extracted, stabilized and concentrated.

  27. Lucero Rojas October 8, 2015 at 7:22 pm Reply

    Hi everyone! Has anyone felt that you were getting a uti even when drinking a lot of water and only water. I felt today like I wanted to get a uti but it can’t be since I have been drinking just water about 3 L a day. Why will it be that I am experiecing that feeling. Will it actually be a uti or maybe so sort of inflammation or weird feeling because of Cipro! Need help pls!!!!

    Blessings to all


    • sian October 9, 2015 at 12:00 am Reply

      Hi Lucero
      I have had a UTI since floxing and I was only drinking water too. It can ne caused by other things. Look into D-Mannose, it is a natural remedy for UTI’s, cured mine.
      Saludos desde la Madre Patria!

      • Lucero Rojas October 9, 2015 at 6:39 am Reply

        Hi Sian,

        How are you doing? Hope in God that you are doing good and in your way to recovery. Thank you so much for your information i will look into it and try it out. Muchos saludos y bendiciones Sian desde Laredo Texas! :)

    • Rene October 9, 2015 at 1:52 am Reply

      You should get a urine test to find out….not all UTI are from the same pathogen. Ecoli can be effectively treated with D-mannose….and cranberry non sugar concentrate added to water. Other pathogens can be streptococus strains……You may not have a UTI and may have inflammation in your gut……You can take Activated Charcoal 2 capsules at bedtime with 2- 3 teaspoons of Magnesium Citrate powder from NATURAL CALM which is excellent oral supplementation. This together taken at bed time away from meals and other supplements will absorb any toxins that are not properly being eliminated.

      This is safe to do 2- 3x’s per week…..if you feel relief but it keeps concurring then your diet needs to be looked at. Only to figure out which foods are problematic for your digestion.

      The other is to take a probiotic. I use Jarrow’s: Saccharomyoces Boulardii a strain that help the the gut and enhance the other probiotic strains such as DR. MERCOLA “Complete Probiotic”. These do not have to be refrigerated and are good quality and not overly pricey.

      • Lucero Rojas October 9, 2015 at 6:45 am Reply

        Hola Rene

        Good morning! Sending warm wishes and hoping in God you are doing good. Thank you for your help and information in will check into it and do the urine test to see what’s going on. It’s just weird how many things happened due to this ugly medecine cipro!!! It’s annoying and frustrating! I am taking a probiotic w the same bacteria strand as the one you mentioned above its call Florastor. How are you doing? How far out are you?



  28. Mark October 9, 2015 at 6:44 am Reply

    Has anyone experienced upper back pain on one or both sides to go along with irregular/miscolored bowel movements? I’m almost positive that my anxiety is the root cause of my troubles these days. What are good ways to relax and cope with the daily anxieties of being a floxie?

    • Lucero Rojas October 9, 2015 at 6:50 am Reply

      Hi Mark

      I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering and dealing with that. Sending prayers and warm wishes your way. I had upper back pain and chest pain w irregular bowel movements almost every morning. It was bad!!! I felt my back tight and in pain as well as my chest muscles then the bowels came. It was my anxiety. Still have some but it’s a little better now after started the ivs. I didn’t take anything for it since I didn’t want any more pills in my body I decided to do acupuncture treatment instead and the ivs.


      • Mark October 9, 2015 at 6:54 am Reply

        Hi Lucero,

        Thank you for the support! Glad to know I’m not alone in going through this. I recently went to the doctor and had a few tests ran just to be sure everything is working properly. He said you’d be surprised all the nasty things just anxiety can do to your health and digestive system. Hopefully when the tests come back negative it will put my mind at ease a bit.

        • Lucero Rojas October 9, 2015 at 7:03 am

          Mark yes anxiety it’s a nasty and overwhelming feeling!!!! :( I had terrible anxiety the first 3 months it was so bad I wanted to crawl out of my skin, just run from my own body, escape i don’t know what to do. Now it’s a better don’t know if it has been the ivs or acupuncture or both of them together that I feel they are helping. Most of my test came back negative and the doctor said you are completely healthy. Yes offcourse I am but I didn’t feel that way. But regular doctors just don’t know!!!

    • sian October 9, 2015 at 6:51 am Reply

      Hey Mark
      What has helped me a lot is Valerian Root tincture and writting down how I feel. I also totally recommend the book by Claire Weekes, Hope and Help for your Nerves.
      A lot of people have recommended staying off the net for anxiety xx

      • Lucero Rojas October 9, 2015 at 7:12 am Reply

        Hi Sian

        Valerian root tincture where can we get that? Can that be made as a tea form? It will not interact w any other supplements? How safe is it? Sorry for so many questions but after this experience I guess ppl get scare of what goes in the body. I was so scared when started the iv that the first 3 days I was crying so bad but the nurse assure me that it was going to be ok but at times still feel the anxiety creeping in. How far out are you Sian? How is your healing going?



        • Daniela October 9, 2015 at 7:55 am

          Hola Lucero :)

          I found valerian root from the Arabic store, brand is Sadaf.

          Oh, they have it online a little cheaper!


          “Boil 1Tbsp. with 1 cup water for 10 minutes and serve.”

          I have to say, it has a strong smell. You can also put it in vodka and make a tincture.

          Be careful. I bought a valerian tincture, and I think they added antihistimine medicine. I recognized the effect, it made me toooo sleepy and I had a hangover the next day. So I prefer now to buy the root and make a tea myself.

        • Jason October 9, 2015 at 8:10 am

          Valerian Root can be bought as a Tea, I use it if I have trouble sleeping before bed, many others use it to help relax for anxiety. It is a natural herb so safe, non-addicting, and it is very doubtful to have any other reactions with other natural things (MOST Natural non-chemical things will NOT react with one another, there are only a few exceptions I am aware of like Iron & couple other minerals)

          I have made many past posts about Anxiety, there are many things someone should consider doing if they are prone to anxiety and/or suffering with Anxiety, and then there are Floxie considerations on top on this.

          I don’t remember everything I have recommended before, but Floxies often have their Gaba receptors in brain damaged from the drug. What this means is the Gaba Glutamate balance in the brain is thrown off, and this causes anxiety, panic attacks, Brain Fog and more. What this means in terms of action is Floxies need to avoid ALL sources of MSG, Glutamate & Glutamine, there are over 50 hidden sources of MSG under many different names, please google this very important.

          Floxies can also take Gaba as a supplement, I do anytime I accidentally ingest MSG like at restaurant etc. Taking Gaba and avoiding MSG will help restore the balance

          Please note Rene’s long post above, there are more tips on MSG and Anxiety right in that post as well. Also I also recommend this article for Anxiety:


          Nevermind if you have GAD or not, or answering the questions, if you have Anxiety these are great tips for anxiety of all types in my opinion except for the medication part, completely omit that obviously Meds are poison and Floxies don’t need anymore of that. All the other stuff like avoiding caffeine like the Plague are great.

        • Lucero Rojas October 9, 2015 at 8:14 am

          Hola Daniela como estas hoy? Sending warm hugs and love your way. I will look into and look for the root and make a tea when feeling the anxiety creeping in. How is the weather Daniela? How is your recovery going?



        • Jason October 9, 2015 at 8:16 am

          Oh yes Daniela has a good point about tinctures in general, you have to be careful what is added into them. I avoid them all because most are made with alcohol and I’m an alcoholic so definitely something not good for me.

          Yes, this stuff “stinks” bad, I have some in one cupboard and as soon as I open it that is all you can smell. Taste is so so too, but the stuff works and that is what is important, to me anyway. Passion flower is another natural sleep aid/relaxant

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